Why Over-Complication Can Kill Your Business’ Logo

9_400x400Logos are a critical piece of the branding puzzle. A logo must be able to sum up your brand message in a single graphic representation, which makes it easy to get caught up in over-complicating the design.  After all, a brand is about more than just one characteristic or concept.

However, a complicated logo can quickly tank your brand message. Here’s why:

A Logo Must be Instantly Recognizable

Consumers have short attention spans. They won’t spend a great deal of time examining a logo in order to take in all of the elements. Whether they are looking for products and services online or in person, they will only give a logo a fleeting glance.

Therefore, you must be able to communicate your brand quickly. Think about some of the most successful brands in the world: Nike, FedEx, Pepsi, Apple. You can probably picture those logos instantly: a swoosh, the FedEx name and arrow, the swirl, an apple with a bite missing. You’re able to recall these because they are simple. You recognize them the instant you see them, even among cluttered store shelves.  Your company may not be a Pepsi or an Apple, but you can still create an effective, simple logo that resonates instantly with your customers and potential customers.

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