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Why Stationery Design Matters

Stationery items like notepads, cards, and letterhead are daily essentials for many. These paper products help people be productive, organized, inspired and connected. For both personal and professional use, well-designed stationery makes written communications higher quality and more impactful. It also makes recording ideas more enjoyable and brands appear more thoughtful. That is why creative choices matter, whether for sticky notes or brochures.

By |November 30, 2023|Stationery|

How to create an effective logo design

Coming up with the perfect logo design to represent your brand or business can be tricky. A logo is essentially the face of your company - it's what people will associate with your products or services. Create a memorable logo by avoiding common design mistakes, despite having many options to choose from.

By |November 28, 2023|Branding, Branding|

Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2024

A company's logo is a critical part of their brand identity. As we head into 2024, brands need to be aware of logo design trends to make their visuals appealing and effective. With easy access to logo design services, companies can craft logos that communicate their image powerfully.

By |November 16, 2023|Branding, Branding|

Innovative Cannabis Packaging Design Trends for 2024

Cannabis packaging has come a long way in recent years. As cannabis becomes legal and the industry grows, companies are focusing on their branding, image, and packaging. The right packaging can convey quality, build brand recognition, and attract new customers. In 2024, expect to see more creative, innovative, and sustainable cannabis packaging hitting dispensary shelves.