What Is Brand Identity? And How to Develop a Great One

One of the biggest issues that companies struggle with is an identity crisis. It’s something that even the larger brands struggle with. While many would think that it doesn’t play a big role in the grand scheme of things, it can often be the downfall ofa company as it fails to stick to its fundamentals. Many companies don’t retain the image that made them great, while others suffer from a clinginess to the tried and tested instead of opting for change. These are all problems related to brand identity and make a huge impact on the business. […]

Top Image Tips for Amazon Product Listing Design

When you are creating an Amazon product listing, the quality and effectiveness of your images are key to sales success. There is no question that having many, high-quality photos of your product and informational graphics are some of the best ways to get more attention for your merchandise. They help you stand out from the competition and convince people to buy from you instead of a different company.