The 7 Types of Graphic Designs You Should Know

Like different software companies specializing in specific user interfaces, different graphic designers provide specific graphic design services. Some might only house medical designers, whereas others could have a host of graphic designers excelling in more than one type of design. All that to say, the world of graphic design is certainly not just about creating aesthetically pleasing visuals for an audience. This art has a science to it—take color, for instance. It raises brand awareness by 80% and is an important aspect of graphic design. There’s more to this digital art than meets the eye, which The NetMen Corp knows all too well. Take a closer look at the following variations for the next time you require our professional design services in Miami. […]

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Top Image Tips for Amazon Product Listing Design

When you are creating an Amazon product listing, the quality and effectiveness of your images are key to sales success. There is no question that having many, high-quality photos of your product and informational graphics are some of the best ways to get more attention for your merchandise. They help you stand out from the competition and convince people to buy from you instead of a different company.

All You Need to Know About Monotype’s Type Trends Report of 2021

Whether it’s corporate flyer design, brochures and catalog design, website design and development, or newsletter design, typeface plays a major role in effectively communicating the message. Like every year, the typeface designers at Monotype have released the Type Trends report of 2021, and the creative decisions and insights look promising. The report highlights the best applications of type design from 2020 and forecasts how graphic designers will use the typefaces to communicate dynamic and fresh ideas. Here are the top trend forecasts. […]