How to Become a Leader in Green Home Remodeling

  It doesn’t matter how the housing industry is doing, the remodeling business always does well. And this happens because when home sales are up, home sellers invest to get their homes more sellable, and buyers make enhancements to their new homes. It is a fact that the majority of new homeowners make renovations immediately-during their first year of ownership. In a different reality, when the housing market is not doing so well, people are prone to keep what they have, but spend money reforming, improving, or customizing their existing homes. […]

How to Turn Your Bed & Breakfast into a Green Enterprise

  Our planet needs help. The environment must be respected and the best way to do it is reducing the negative impact any commercial activities can provoke. For that reason, many entrepreneurs are looking for green options to transform their business into an eco-friendly commerce. This time, I would like to give some tips for those who are eco conscious and run a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) establishment. They have the chance to convert the house where they are expecting to harbor travelers into a green home, and in that way, offer a service that is eagerly sought after by customers who care about the environment and value those businesses who share their interest on the planet. […]

The Productivity Diet

With work pressures and busy schedules, making healthy meals can be a challenge. But what we eat impacts our cognitive performance, so how and what you put in your body directly affects your productivity and energy levels. Your digestive system is a magical black box that transforms food into energy. And energy is the fuel you burn over the course of the day to be productive. When you eat too much or too little, your energy suffers. When you eat just the right amount, you have a solid, consistent amount of energy to get through the day. […]