How to best refresh your brand identity.

Refreshing your brand identity can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where hiring a professional graphic design company can come in handy. Not only do these companies have the expertise and experience necessary to bring your brand to the next level, but they also offer a number of benefits that can help your business succeed.

How To Design A Logo: The Ultimate Guide

When you first think about a company, what comes to mind? For many people, it's their logo. It's the visual representation of the brand, after all, and it is easy to remember it. Even just the shape of a logo has a powerful impact on consumers. So, it's no wonder big companies spend a lot of time, conduct extensive research, and hire the best logo design services to ensure they have an impactful logo. If your business is starting or you're looking to design a logo, it's something you have to do carefully. And while it may seem easy to create, the process is pretty complex. Following a step-by-step guide can make this complex process easy to navigate. Why Is A Logo So Important? Every brand's visual aspect has a logo, which has become necessary for businesses, regardless of size. Almost 75% of people identify a brand because of its logo. It will also create a graphic tie to the business's online and physical presence. This is why brands spend a lot of time designing a logo that perfectly represents them or hiring logo design services. A logo is not a brand but an essential part of it. A brand has two paths that always cross: one is the history, mission, values, and identity, and the other is the visual depiction of all those concepts. A logo shares a business's visual capacity even though it doesn't tell the complete story. Have you ever seen a business without a logo? That's because there likely isn't one. Companies use logos to spark interest and represent their brand. A logo also enables further interaction, and brands can become known from them; look at Nike, Pepsi, etc., businesses that can immediately be recognized worldwide from their logos. Step-by-Step Guide For Designing A Logo Whether you design a logo yourself or hire professional design services, it's essential to know how to create one. 1. Understand Why A Brand Needs A Logo The primary purpose of a business is customer acquisition, followed by retention. It's almost like dating. You want the customer to fall in love with what you have to offer. Think of the logo as the best picture you put up on a dating profile. It sparks initial interest and compels people to learn more about you. You'll want to look your best! A logo has a huge impact and is the first visual aspect to make an impression on a brand. A logo will give customers enough information about you to spark their interest and make them want to learn more. All your branding materials will have it too. Because it's an essential part, you'll want to ensure it's done well. You need to make it count! This is why you must understand its importance and power to communicate with your customers. 2. Define Your Brand Identity Defining a brand identity is an integral part of designing a logo. Many larger businesses will even hire brand identity design services to ensure it's done right. A logo should communicate [...]

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19 World-Famous Logos and What We Can Learn from Them

Many logos are instantly recognizable; practically anyone could tell what brand they belong to. Be it recall, familiarity, or just a great design, there’s a lot that goes into a great or memorable logo. Because it’s an important part of the branding and exists on all your products, it’s necessary that you get it right: Nike Nike’s logo is called the swoosh. Carolyn Davidson’s design has become iconic and is one of the most recognizable logos, perfectly representing Nike. A sports brand, Nike’s focus is on productivity, accomplishment, and pushing forward. Their tagline is “Just do it.”, which fits perfectly with the brand’s logo. It’s a brilliant example of minimalism, saying a lot with very little to spare. Its design is also reminiscent of speed, fluidity, and motion, which resonate heavily with the brand’s image. It can be found in practically every apparel and lineup the company produces. Chanel Chanel’s reputation in the fashion industry has focused on Coco’s Parisian style, luxury, and the finer things in life. The bold font along with her initials interlocked don’t scream outright much but do a great job of conveying what it’s all about. A brand that’s stuck to its roots. There are also hints of perfectionism, something synonymous with the world of high fashion. The symmetrical logo with a neat design has no artifacts that distract you from the main subject at hand. A logo doesn’t have to go all-out; it only has to reflect what the company is all about, something logo design services emulate and execute. McDonald’s McDonald’s logo or the Golden Arches was designed due to actual golden arches that were a part of the restaurant design for the chain. It’s a smart take to connect the two arches to form the letter mark M logo of the brand. While the logo has had some variations over the years, it’s been present in practically every part of its history. You can find it in every element, which is a testament to the consistency of the design and the branding of the fast-food chain giant. Expect to see it in basically anything McDonald’s produces. Tesla Another great example of less is more would be Tesla’s logo. From a basic perspective, it’s a sci-fi-inspired T, which works fairly well with the company’s push towards futuristic vehicles. According to Elon Musk, the logo is a cross-section of an electric motor. Not only does it reflect the vision of the company and give a feel of electricity and fluidity that the brand is all about, but it’s fairly simple and easy to recognize. The brand does have a unique “Tesla” logo that’s also in a unique font, carrying out the company’s look for the futuristic design. Apple Apple’s logo was shrouded in mystery for the longest time. While many people considered it to be a take on Adam and Eve’s apple from the garden of Eden, others speculated that it was a pun on the cyanide-laced apple Alan Turing took a “byte” out of. The [...]

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