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Business and Marketing Tips for Beginning Florists

Starting a new career is always an adventure. Whether you’re planning to leave a full-time job for a career as a florist, or turning a hobby into a career, there are a lot of things to consider as you open a new business. Planning is key in everything, but especially in gaining experience, finding your […]

5 Factors for a Good Logo: Custom Logo Design Online

What makes a great logo? From the iconic ‘swoosh’ adorning sneakers and shirts to the red and white script signature on pop bottles, a great logo becomes a fast, visual shorthand for the brand it represents. Good logos are worth millions in free advertising to their parent companies, shortening the time it takes to introduce products and helping gain recognition in the eyes of consumers.

How you take a logo from concept to creation is part alchemy, part science, part logic and part intuition. Custom logo design online should include time to get to know your brand attributes. When this knowledge combines with strong design skills and the five factors for a good logo, you’ve got a potential winner on your hands.

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Most Iconic Logos of All Time

A swoosh. A circle with three spokes meeting in the middle. A vague description of certain iconic logos immediately conjures up their images and the names of the brands they represent. A solid logo is an invaluable tool in marketing and advertising, but a famous logo is advertising in itself. Since the invention of the automobile, car manufacturers have taken advantage of this principle by strategically placing logos on car bodies or using them as decorative hood ornaments. Many clothing and sportswear designers incorporate their logos into their designs, such as Levi’s red tag, American Eagle Outfitters’ airborne eagle and Calvin Klein’s CK.

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Logo Design Tips


How important is a logo? At The NetMen Corp, we’ve designed hundreds of logos over the years for a wide range of companies. During that time, we’ve seen logos become iconic, recognizable brand marks that provide a mental shortcut for customers to associate brand attributes with an image.

Your logo is one of the most recognizable brand elements for your business. Many people skimp when it comes to logo design. They turn to stock photography or try to “wing it” and make their logos.

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Hidden Messages in Logos


Think of your favorite logo. Now ask yourself if you’ve ever considered where it came from.

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