Christmas in July, yes! Start Planning for Holidays Now.

Christmas in July, yes! Start Planning for Holidays Now.


This is a rule that all business on and off line must follow:

‘’You must be ready for holiday shopping when consumers are’’.

And to be able to achieve it you need to be preparing months ahead of time. Like now, in the middle of summer,  because a solid marketing plan takes time. If you don’t want to be left in the dust during the year’s busiest selling season, you need to keep up to hit the mark.

So let’s get a plan!

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Go Green, save money and get confidence.

As a small business  saving money is not easy. But a shoestring budget doesn’t mean you can’t save money. It is possible to find the opportunities to make your operations more cost-effective and not only save money, also save the planet.

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How to Compete for Recognition as a Small Company and Not Die Trying

Package & Brand Design for Small BusinessesAs the owner of an small business you can use the design of your packaging as a platform to build your brand. Since a packaging design will include your logo, a color pallete, fonts, symbols, icons, and different elements the whole ‘’pack’’ will be the best way to stand out and show and shout to the entire world: HERE I AM. Do not forget the basic rule, the first stage for any product company is to get a brand identity.

A packaging design  is one of the most cost-bennefit-effective marketing tools.  It requires a relative low budget, lasts a long time, and reaches many customers.  Plus has a great characteristic, can be used in several moments of the sales process: before (in advertising and promotions) during (at point-of-purchase) and after (during its use, and re-use). Well-designed packaging is widely appreciated, creates buzz, and is often kept and re-used, have a doubling effect on this critical marketing investment. If your packaging can be re-used you hit and strike. Nowdays, offer a packaging that can be a recycled for sure help to add a cool green perception of your company.

Packaging design is essential for products to stand out.  Small companies compete for recognition in comparison to recognized brands.  These type of companies will benefit hugely from thoughtful packaging design. And to help those companies to get the key to open the opportunity to be recognizable in the market, exists thenetmencorp.com. Here can be found not only a graphic design team ready to create, also an account manager who will help to develop a branded packaging design. At thenetmencorp we definitely believe in team work. The company, the account manager and the designers will work all together to achieve that final concept which will complement the product and reinforce the brand identity.


Graphic Design Services for Real Estate Agents: All Your Questions Answered


The real estate market is tough. It’s sink or swim, and if you sink — you sink deep…with sharks, a few jellyfish and after a recent oil spill.

As a real estate agent, you need to have an edge to keep your business above water. But is merely getting by really enough?

It’s one thing to survive in the real estate market, but imagine thriving in it. What sets those who succeed apart from those who just get by, or worse — those who are sinking? Two words.

Graphic. Design.


Why Is Graphic Design for Real Estate Agents Crucial for Success?

With the market changing and buyers leaning more towards online listings,having an identity that makes you stand out will define the difference between your business and another real estate firm. The trick is catching people’s attention, which means you need to know who your audience is and how to talk to them.

You also need to know the new face of homebuyers:Millennials.

Millennials are the up and coming home buyers.At 35 percent, they are the largest share of home buyers and that number is still growing. So how does this growing target audience affect the market?


Millennials are known for their love of technology. This goes together with the desire to have everything readily accessible with the click of a button. A whopping 89% of those Millennials use the internet to search for their homes.


This means that out of that massive share of homebuyers, nearly all of them are looking online for their new space. Pair that number with everyone else using the internet during their home search, and you’ve got a massive pool of new prospective clients.

When your name is out there on the web, you need to focus on how you can appeal to these groups of people.

Selling real estate includes being able to market yourself.It is all about individuality and making yourself both relevant and important for your client base and for the real estate community as a whole.Your name needs to have an image that will stick so that you will have leverage over your competition.

Do you have that image? A logo? A website that you can compete with?

You need something that makes your company unique at first glance. Unless you have a side hustle as a professional graphic designer, hiring a real estate graphic design agency might be your best bet on creating the image that will hook your clients and sell your services.

When you turn your focus to your branding materials, you will succeed in attracting your target market. By using exceptionally designedl ogos,brochures,business cards and other marketing materials, you will create your image — which can become your legacy.

How Is a Real Estate Logo Design Beneficial?

Great graphic design for realtors will make your current and prospective clients know more about you and the services you provide. It will create a truly value-based experience for your visitors.

A logo design that accentuates your real estate services will help give you a visible identity among the masses. You’ve only got a couple seconds while people are scrolling on the web to notice you. Every detail matters.

There are two places your business card is going to go after you hand it off:

  1. Into your potential client’s contacts, OR
  2. Into their back pocket where all stationary eventually goes into the recycling bin.

An image that succinctly reflects your company’s values can keep your name out of the business card graveyard.

People like pictures. Eighty-nine percent of people using the internet find photos useful during their search. This is your audience, market towards them. They want an idea of what they’re getting into and who they’re talking to before diving in.

Photos of a home give your buyers a glance at what’s inside the house. A logo and well-designed website gives your buyers a glance at what’s inside your real estate agency.

A real estate logo design and a clean website sets you apart from the rest of your peers and makes your agency stand out. Having a solid brand also makes you look more put together and professional. Your chances of being overlooked will be exponentially lower, especially if there are agents who do not use visuals, logos or branding.

A graphic designer can help you in many different ways. The professional will help you fashion everything correctly by designing materials such as real estate postcards, reports, banner ads, social posts and images.

Before you hire a graphic design professional with a focus on real estate, it is important to find out what type of service you are looking for. Make a list of all the materials you want to have designed by your designer. This will help you work with your graphic designer partner in a hassle-free way.

What Kind of Graphic Design Services Do You Need?

Graphic designers are professionals with the most up-to-date technology and the know-how that goes into effective design, but still you need to make sure whether they have the capability to understand your real estate market goals or not. Find out if they specialize in real estate graphic design services or not.

Many questions will pop up in your mind. Some of them could be:

  • What is your budget?
  • What marketing materials do you want your graphic designer to provide?
  • Where do you want to use your real estate collateral?
  • Is there a specific time when you want your branding materials to be posted?

Depending on how far along you are with your company, and what your goals are for marketing yourself, you can request services for individual services like a logo or brochure, or you can ask for several services — like a website with an original design and some business collateral with your logo on it.

The most important key is to know what you want, but even if you’re still unsure or have some questions, you can contact The NetMen Corp professionals. There’s even a live chat available if you need answers immediately.

What Real Estate Graphic Design Services Are Available?

The internet is vast, and it’s only getting larger. This means that there is a huge demand for graphic design, and the real estate world is no exception. Because the internet is such a useful tool, you also have lots of options on how and where you would like to market yourself on it with your design materials.

1. Logo Design

Your logo design is the cornerstone of success in designing your image for your real estate agency. A logo shows who you are, what you believe and what others can expect from you with carefully placed designs and images. First impressions are crucial in all aspects life, and a logo design that resonates with others is a sure way to make sure your first impression is a great one.


2. Web Design and Mobile Services

With the uptick in internet usage for real estate home buyers, the likelihood of real estate agencies having a website is also pretty common. In fact, 90 percent of real estate firms have their own websites, so it’s important to make sure yours shines through the competition.

Along with web design, mobile services are also vital in marketing your services online. Many people are searching on their smartphones, tablets and other devices for a variety of services. These searches include looking for a realtor.

Seventy-two percent of homebuyers use a mobile device during their search. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and people have a hard time clicking on links or browsing through your page, you probably just lost a client. Make sure that your mobile content is easy to navigate and provides easy to read text on smartphones and other devices, that way you’ll have happy customers across the digital board.

At The NetMen Corp, websites are designed carefully to deliver content that not only looks good, but delivers clear and concise information about your services. Clean, fast-loading websites are imperative in the digital world — The NetMen Corp will deliver the results you need to cut through the competition and help you come out on top.

3. Print Design and Stationary

Forty-one percent of home sellers in 2016 found their real estate agent through a referral while 23 percent used an agent that they previously worked with. That means that once you’ve closed with a client, there is over a 50% chance that you will re-earn more business in the future through that single person.


Having a business card, brochure or any marketing stationary helps leave a lasting impression, especially if you have personalized stationery — letterheads for business correspondence or congratulatory “welcome to your new home” cards — with your contact information. Thank you letters and other kinds of correspondence before, during and after you make a sale make an impact, and can add a personalized touch that will help foster those long-term relationships with your clientele.

4. Illustrations, Infographics and Mascots

Illustrations help keep your clients on your page or reading your content. They make your materials visually appealing, while informational content presented in a design-format, like an infographic, help add visuals for understanding certain materials.

These tools can be utilized for whatever type of media you choose to advertise and market yourself with. Illustrations keep readers interested on your website, and also break up content if you choose to write longer narratives about the real estate you’re selling.

Mascots, if you choose to use one, gives a similar effect as a logo. They can give your agency a face that clients will remember. They also act as great guides on brochures or websites as well. Mascots are the physical manifestation of what your company’s voice and values look like.

Depending on what kind of message you want to send to your clients, your imagery can speak for you with individual attributes and style.

How Branding Influence All Real Estate Graphic Design Services

All the above design services are most helpful if you build them around a centralized look and message.

Branding services are especially useful if you’re just starting out and want to help your business grow. Professional graphic designers who offer real estate design services can also help find your audience and create a brand that appeals to that demographic.

Creating a brand can be an intensive process. The more help you get earlier on in the process, the easier it’ll be for you. The NetMen Corp offers branding services that can create your logo, name your company and design an identity that will flourish in the real estate market. If you’re not sure where to start, our portfolio can be found online with a wide variety of examples of previous work we’ve done.

Tips for choosing a professional real estate graphic designer

A good rule to go by when choosing a real estate graphic design professional is to find someone who is creative.

  • Originality in graphic design will shine through bland and redundant logos and designs. For realtors, this is important as it is quite easy to be overlooked in such a broad market.
  • Experience, education and skills are also qualities to look for. The more exposure that graphic designer has had to their craft in the professional industry, the easier it will be to work with them as far as quality and efficiency. Look for a company that has a portfolio so you can see what kind of work they’ve done previously.

If any, or even if all, of the graphic design services we’ve reviewed sound like something you’re interested in — The NetMen Corp offers all of them.


Why Choose The Netmen Corp?

With over 17 years in the industry and 150,000 jobs completed for 9,000 fully-satisfied clients, The NetMen Corp is a graphic design company with experience you can trust.

The NetMen Corp serves as a one-stop shop for all your real estate graphic design needs. With your account manager and design team in-house, everyone working for you is all under one roof. You will also have a direct point of contact from the team for an easy and efficient method of communication throughout the design process.

Each logo is custom designed and tailored until your satisfaction is guaranteed. On initial concepts, you will get 100% of your money back if you are not happy with the outcome. We also pricing options for all budgets, and combo packages to fit your preference. You don’t have to sacrifice good work when looking for a design vendor.

Originality is always utilized to make sure you will stand out from the rest. With our portfolios available for viewing online, our experience speaks for itself.

Let Us Help You Succeed

When you’re ready, please feel free to contact our graphic design professionals to get started.

By allowing us to serve you, you can give your business the attention and care it deserves. We look forward to designing your brand and helping you reach your goals!

Outdoor marketing builds high recall among the target audience

The advent of social media and other emerging technology has led many businesses to increasingly rely on sleek new digital marketing techniques but outdoor marketing still continues to be an effective choice, despite being one of the oldest and traditional marketing strategies. With significantly more working professionals, longer commutes and more miles covered by a record number of vehicles, the audience for outdoor is growing at a tremendous speed. So, it makes a lot of sense for businesses to concentrate their efforts on outdoor marketing.

Simple & Effective Outdoor Design Strategy

According to marketing experts, outdoor marketing should be treated as an investment which can earn a threefold return on the amount invested. It not only increases the recognizability of the product but also reinforces the marketing messages. If creatively done, outdoor marketing can work wonders.

What exactly is outdoor marketing?

Outdoor marketing refers to advertising campaigns that employ outdoor media such as billboards, transit vehicles and other types of outdoor signs including the signs used on the outside of the businesses. It can also include the efforts taken to promote a company’s objectives, products, and services even on its own vehicle fleet. Outdoor marketing is not just using billboards in high footfall areas or beside the busiest roads but also includes huge posters, benches, and signs. It also includes advertising done on buses, trains, taxis, shopping center lifts, and bus stops.

Top features of outdoor marketing

  • Budget-friendly
  • Localizes your selling message or business message to geographical or demographic targets
  • Delivery of your message in an uncluttered environment using attractive designs and colors
  • Delivers repeated message exposure of your selling message to today’s highly mobile customers
  • Develops consumer awareness of selling message quickly and develops opportunities of your selling message to a high percentage of your target audience
  • Creates non-stop 24-hour exposure to the public eye

Top benefits of outdoor marketing

  • You get more exposure for the marketing dollars spent
  • You can save money by minimizing the exhausted exposures that target your non-prospects
  • Your business/selling message will be seen by the consumers
  • You have an edge over your competitors
  • You have a tailored outdoor marketing plan that fits your budget and demographics you want to target
  • You have more consumer traffic and facilitate impulse buying of the featured products and services
  • You can get more instantaneous returns on your advertising and inventory investments
  • You save administrative time and money while getting benefits from a professionally created and implemented an outdoor campaign.

Best strategies for effective outdoor marketing

Chicago Scrubs Storefront Graphic Design

Outdoor marketing can be a massive boon for you. It all depends on striking the right tone, getting the actual striking design and making sure the advertisement is seen in an effective range of locations. Here are a few tips for getting most out of your outdoor marketing efforts.

Keep your message simple – It is important to keep the business message simple. If people are driving or traveling, you will have a small window to make an impact on them. You need to make your advertising messages short and to the point. Get one idea succinctly instead of a long story as nobody will be slowing down to absorb your complex story.

Place your message at the right place -You need to make sure you have your advertisement in a range of locations. This might be anywhere where you have access to potential traffic, be it on the side of the bus, on a billboard, on a train or in a bus shelter. Ensure that your advertisement is strategically placed so that it has maximum views.

Create an advertisement for prolonged customer exposureOutdoor marketing is a long-term strategy. You should have the aim to implant your brand’s message in your customer’s mind through prolonged exposure. It is not necessary to add call-to-action to your outdoor marketing campaign. Instead, you need to build a profile and recognition in order to make your business a part of your potential audience awareness.

iConnect Effective Billboard Design

Choose best spots and spaces for outdoor marketing -Your outdoor marketing campaign should not be only about using huge billboards on the side of the road. There can be much more things for promoting your business outdoors. Your choice will be well-driven by how better you understand your target market. Poster spots and advertising signs placed on your locality can raise your company’s profile and drive sales. The transport network too offers a golden chance to advertise outdoors. Advertising done on buses, trains, tubes and taxis are highly visible. One of the main advantages here is your advertisements put you in front of your captive audience. It is good to advertise on public transport if most of audiences you want to target are business people and commuters in your demographic.

Hope you found the above post interesting!

Get in touch with a consultant with good hands-on experience in outdoor marketing if you want to have a robust outdoor marketing strategy in place for boosting your presence in your local area and branding purposes.