Outdoor marketing builds high recall among the target audience

The advent of social media and other emerging technology has led many businesses to increasingly rely on sleek new digital marketing techniques but outdoor marketing still continues to be an effective choice, despite being one of the oldest and traditional marketing strategies. With significantly more working professionals, longer commutes and more miles covered by a record number of vehicles, the audience for outdoor is growing at a tremendous speed. So, it makes a lot of sense for businesses to concentrate their efforts on outdoor marketing.

Simple & Effective Outdoor Design Strategy

According to marketing experts, outdoor marketing should be treated as an investment which can earn a threefold return on the amount invested. It not only increases the recognizability of the product but also reinforces the marketing messages. If creatively done, outdoor marketing can work wonders.

What exactly is outdoor marketing?

Outdoor marketing refers to advertising campaigns that employ outdoor media such as billboards, transit vehicles and other types of outdoor signs including the signs used on the outside of the businesses. It can also include the efforts taken to promote a company’s objectives, products, and services even on its own vehicle fleet. Outdoor marketing is not just using billboards in high footfall areas or beside the busiest roads but also includes huge posters, benches, and signs. It also includes advertising done on buses, trains, taxis, shopping center lifts, and bus stops.

Top features of outdoor marketing

  • Budget-friendly
  • Localizes your selling message or business message to geographical or demographic targets
  • Delivery of your message in an uncluttered environment using attractive designs and colors
  • Delivers repeated message exposure of your selling message to today’s highly mobile customers
  • Develops consumer awareness of selling message quickly and develops opportunities of your selling message to a high percentage of your target audience
  • Creates non-stop 24-hour exposure to the public eye

Top benefits of outdoor marketing

  • You get more exposure for the marketing dollars spent
  • You can save money by minimizing the exhausted exposures that target your non-prospects
  • Your business/selling message will be seen by the consumers
  • You have an edge over your competitors
  • You have a tailored outdoor marketing plan that fits your budget and demographics you want to target
  • You have more consumer traffic and facilitate impulse buying of the featured products and services
  • You can get more instantaneous returns on your advertising and inventory investments
  • You save administrative time and money while getting benefits from a professionally created and implemented an outdoor campaign.

Best strategies for effective outdoor marketing

Chicago Scrubs Storefront Graphic Design

Outdoor marketing can be a massive boon for you. It all depends on striking the right tone, getting the actual striking design and making sure the advertisement is seen in an effective range of locations. Here are a few tips for getting most out of your outdoor marketing efforts.

Keep your message simple – It is important to keep the business message simple. If people are driving or traveling, you will have a small window to make an impact on them. You need to make your advertising messages short and to the point. Get one idea succinctly instead of a long story as nobody will be slowing down to absorb your complex story.

Place your message at the right place -You need to make sure you have your advertisement in a range of locations. This might be anywhere where you have access to potential traffic, be it on the side of the bus, on a billboard, on a train or in a bus shelter. Ensure that your advertisement is strategically placed so that it has maximum views.

Create an advertisement for prolonged customer exposureOutdoor marketing is a long-term strategy. You should have the aim to implant your brand’s message in your customer’s mind through prolonged exposure. It is not necessary to add call-to-action to your outdoor marketing campaign. Instead, you need to build a profile and recognition in order to make your business a part of your potential audience awareness.

iConnect Effective Billboard Design

Choose best spots and spaces for outdoor marketing -Your outdoor marketing campaign should not be only about using huge billboards on the side of the road. There can be much more things for promoting your business outdoors. Your choice will be well-driven by how better you understand your target market. Poster spots and advertising signs placed on your locality can raise your company’s profile and drive sales. The transport network too offers a golden chance to advertise outdoors. Advertising done on buses, trains, tubes and taxis are highly visible. One of the main advantages here is your advertisements put you in front of your captive audience. It is good to advertise on public transport if most of audiences you want to target are business people and commuters in your demographic.

Hope you found the above post interesting!

Get in touch with a consultant with good hands-on experience in outdoor marketing if you want to have a robust outdoor marketing strategy in place for boosting your presence in your local area and branding purposes.

How to Get Started with the NetMen Corp Reseller Program

how_to_get_started_netmen_reseller_programThe NetMen Corp’s white-label reseller program allows marketing and PR agencies to expand their capabilities and menu of services without increasing their bottom line. Our program is designed to give new and existing firms the opportunity to offer innovative design work to their clients without the risk, overhead, and hassle of cultivating an in-house design staff.  

The Benefits of Our Reseller Program

If you’ve been thinking about offering graphic design to your clients, there are a number of reasons why The NetMen reseller program is the right solution for your agency.

Cost Effective

It’s expensive to recruit and hire full-time designers, and the additional costs associated with adopting design technology can quickly add up. When you resell design services, you’re only paying for the work you send to us, which amounts to greater long-term savings.

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Are You a Goal-Getter? — 7 steps to achieving your goals

I recently overheard someone reply, when asked about her holiday weekend, “It was successful. My New Year’s resolution is to overeat on every major holiday. I figure I’m going to do it anyway; why not make it a goal I can actually keep?” I had to laugh. It made me think about the goals we create in our lives and in our businesses.
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5 Reasons Why Landing Pages & Forms are More Valuable than Homepages

A recent post over at Google made an interesting claim: The ROI for improvement is much better for landing pages and forms than it is for homepages. At first this sounds controversial, but it makes sense for many reasons. While the article talks about how to improve forms and landing pages, it doesn’t really explain why they are more valuable than home pages.

Here are five reasons landing pages are more valuable than home pages:

  1. Landing pages & forms are real interaction points.They are the primary way that visitors enter information or communicate back to you, the web site owner. Most pages are simply one-way communication, but forms and landing pages with forms are two-way…they are the conversation. By “listening” to the conversation on these types of pages, you’ll learn a lot more than you will by trying to figure out what home page traffic is telling you.
  2. Landing pages are transactional, and the transactions they enable are the ones crucial to your business. This means they are the most important point in the usage lifecycle of your customers…it’s when visitors are deciding to do business with you or start the process of doing business with you. They contain the most important decision points for your customers.
  3. Landing pages are contextual. When designed well, landing pages address a very specific need of a very specific audience. This makes them high value…they are like the sales closer. They come in after someone has shown interest and are the most powerful way you can close the deal. They might have a lot less traffic than the homepage, but that traffic is much more important.
  4. Home pages are a catch-all. They act to triage all incoming traffic. They have to handle first-time visitors, returning visitors, the press, friends and family, investors, people who want to sign into your web app, everyone who has any reason at all to visit. Therefore, the messages on homepages are necessarily weakened and can’t speak as strongly to any specific user group…they have to handle everything. They serve a completely different purpose than more focused pages like landing pages or forms.
  5. Homepages are notoriously political. Everyone wants a piece of the homepage. The thinking is that because the homepage is the single page with the most traffic, it must be the most important page on the site. But that’s simply not true…the mere fact that it’s the root URL on your domain means that it will inevitably get more traffic. In the end the politics almost always serve to distract…by spending so much time on the homepage design teams often overlook the value of their other, more important pages.

As site visitors we don’t often see landing pages unless we come via a specific pathway, such as clicking on an ad on Google Search or Facebook or some other ad provider. This serves to diminish landing pages in our mind…because we don’t see them as often as the venerable homepage. But there are real reasons why it makes sense to focus much of our design efforts on landing pages and forms…while leaving the homepage for the birds.

Source: Performable

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How to be All Things to All Customers

There is one indisputable fact that marketers who sell soap already know about their customers that you probably don’t. Men and women buy soap differently—that’s no surprise. But while you might be tempted to focus on packaging or different scents… it turns out the key to getting repeat purchases is knowing that for women, it is the scent of the soap that is the most important, and for men it is the lather. Sell a great smelling soap to a man with no lather, and he won’t believe it worked as well and stay away from it. There are presumably scores of evidence and research to back up this basic soap fact—yet even if there weren’t you could read this point and immediately understand it to be true.

Soap is a simple product and the lesson that selling it offers for your small business is simple too: find the one ingredient that matters most to your customers and then find a way to focus on it. Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Now consider home pregnancy tests. Most of them are the same, but what marketers of THOSE products know is that people generally buy them in two emotional states: hope or fear. Depending on which emotion they are buying with, the packaging is different.

What we are talking about here is basic motivation… why is someone going to buy your product in the particular moment that you are selling it? Traditional marketing advice tells us to pick a message, stick to it and drive it home with consumers. We have the BEST suitcase for your next vacation, for example. But now how can you market to someone who isn’t taking a vacation? This is the central problem that we often face with our marketing… that all our messaging is focused on a set of principles or situation that might change.

To fight this, you need to find a way to be more than one thing to your customer, depending on what they need. To be Superman AND Clark Kent simultaneously. How are you going to do it? Thankfully, there are a few online techniques that can help you:

  1. Create page versions. One of the best things about the Internet is that you can create almost identical experiences with small tweaks at very little cost. If you offer accounting and tax preparation, why not create separate pages talking about each of those services and what makes you unique? Then you can point people to one page or another depending on which service they happen to be seeking.
  2. Use test campaigns. In addition to multiple page versions, you can also test different messages quickly and easily. Google AdWords and Facebook are great options which are set up to let you run tests independently and find lessons which can help your campaign overall.
  3. Categorize and drive people to the categories. One of the best things about blogs and creating your own content is that you can categorize them for subjects that different custom groups may care about. So as you create content on a single topic, make sure you have a way of grouping it together.
  4. Create a sub-brand (advanced technique). This could be called a “master brand” technique only because of how easily it could go wrong, but the idea of this is to create a way of branding multiple versions of your product or service depending on who you are selling it to.

Source: Open Forum