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A Basic Guide on Incorporating Graphic Design into Marketing Material

A card on a chair that says, ‘think outside the box.’

The goal of any marketing strategy is to attract, engage, and converse with customers to develop a reliable connection. Your brand logo and overall marketing design can go a long way in ensuring that your products make a lasting impression. Without an effective design strategy, you’re a long way from making loyal customers.

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The Importance of a Brand Mascot

Mickey Mouse on a piano

When you hear the word ‘Disney,’ what comes to mind? Maybe you think of the Sleeping Beauty castle or one of the animated movies you watched as a kid. Or maybe – most likely! – you think of a mouse in a pair of red shorts and yellow shoes. Anyone who sees Mickey Mouse will immediately think of Disney, and this is because, as the mascot, Mickey lends the Disney brand a personality, making it stand out from the multitude of brands competing against each other.

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