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Tips for Great Business Card Design


Business-brand development encompasses various factors, but the visual impact of your logo, company name and any associated information with your business is never more apparent than on the face of your business cards. A business card is one of the first impressions made by the representatives of your company, and, for that reason, its tone and appearance should be consistent with your advertising, messaging and image.

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Ways Graphic Design Benefits Business

Ways that Graphic Design Benefits Business

As an owner or employee of a small business, you have a lot on your plate. While the bigger companies have teams of people to handle all the ins and outs of running a company, you’re often left to juggle the responsibilities of multiple departments on your own.

With that balancing act, it can be easy for certain things, like web or graphic design, to be left behind. After all, you may think these are superficial concerns — the icing on the cake, as it were. But don’t be so quick to discount the importance of graphic design in business. The image of your company that you present to the world matters in many ways.

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Sustainopreneurship: The Mix Between Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Sustainopreneurship: The Mix Between Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Things have changed radically in the actual market. On one hand, the large corporations start to note the ecological issues and the evidence of rising social inequalities are causing problems to the business environment and global society. And on the other hand, the consumers are becoming more concerned about these challenges to a sustainable world. The global economy undergoes towards maturity, and changes from a ’’growth at all cost’’ to a ‘’balanced growth’’.

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Food Trucks on the scene

As the owner of a food truck you can use the design of your vehicle wrap as a platform to build your brand. Since the design will include your logo, a color palete, fonts, symbols, icons, and different elements the whole ‘’pack’’ will be the best way to stand out, show and shout to the entire world: HERE I AM.

At festivals or events, there are usually upwards of 20 food trucks lined up next to each other. Apart from your specialty, which is creating the food your customers love, your truck needs to stand out from the crowd. How can you make it?

It’s important to have a logo and vehicle wrap that attracts people to your truck before they even read your menu. Whether you serve only coffee or an array of Caribbean food, you need a logo that not only represents your brand, but also strikes curiosity. In fact, the first step when starting a food truck is creating a logo and a vehicle wrap to match. Please, do not forget the basic rule, the first stage for any product company is to get a brand identity. It’s an industry where people judge books by their covers, so you better make sure your cover is worthy of a second look.

To have a great logo and a striking vehicle wrap will allow you to :

  • Attract more consumers.
  • Give confidence.
  • Establish your brand in the mind of your consumer.
  • Get sponsorships.
  • Draw attention on the street and attract followers to your social networks.

Custom Graphic Design for Food TrucksIn short, become in an entrepreneur who has serious and professional identity.

A food truck owner must have a professional logo for its brand. But first, you must have a clear idea of your brand identity, this includes your truck’s concept and personality. Do you want your customers to see you as gourmet or folksy? Do you want to give away your menu through your logo, or do you want customers to be surprised at what they find when they step up to the window?

A logo is an investment for your business. And when I talk about investment I do not refer to the money you have to pay. I am talking about doing something today (design a logo) that will be used constantly to grow your business. When leaving it in the hands of professional designers, you want to be sure they can accurately reflect your company’s identity and go beyond to capture the attention of potential customers. And here at thenetmencorp we can work together with you to achieve it.

Get into the competition fierce and do not be afraid. Just grab your marketing weapons: branding, professional graphic design and  corporate identity and conquer the market. Just make sure you you’re provided with the best elements and go for them, the customers.

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Benefits of Great Bookkeeping Logo Design

Online Graphic Design for Bookkeeping BusinessesWhile bookkeeping is all about recording the financial transaction of a company, all bookkeepers know that it is much more than data entry. Yes, bookkeepers keep their clients’ financial books updated accurately but as with any service business, creating a bookkeeping marketing strategy is important to success. Bookkeeping companies, just like many small business owners spend countless hours and their hard-earned dollars, obsessing about their first impression. Companies hire bookkeeping services as these services relieve the stress and burden of the accounting function of running the business. Hiring bookkeepers give them the edge to focus on their core job that is concentrating on their business. As they are very crucial for businesses, the demand for bookkeeping services has grown exponentially.

If you are into a bookkeeping business, you should have a strong online identity as it will give you uniqueness in your industry. You will definitely wonder how your customers see you. Do the customers rate you as trustworthy, transparent, honest and professional? Also, does your website really reflect what they have to offer? Because of the growth in this industry, the logo you choose to represent your bookkeeping business is essential in your bookkeeping business’ recognition!

A bookkeeping firm should not overlook their logo!

Your logo is your first and true impression. Many bookkeeping companies often settle down for the average bookkeeping logo for two main reasons. Either they lack marketing skills or do not want to apply effective marketing skills for making a stronger presence in their market and insufficient funds. These two reasons top the list. This can be a critical misstep for any business. If you under-look or overlook your logo, you are missing the most important element of your company’s branding strategy.

There are dozens of bookkeeping and finance companies out there in the market and all of them use creative logo design to set themselves apart from their competitors. Gone are the days when only very big bookkeeping companies used to get their logo designed. But now, whatever may be the size of the firm, it is necessary to have a logo. Bookkeeping firms are investing huge amounts to get their logo designed. The simple reason is they understand how a logo can help them gain more visibility and recognition.

Considerations for designing a logo for a bookkeeping firm

When designing a logo for an accounting or bookkeeping firm, the graphic designer has to cover many aspects. To begin with, the designer should choose a universal color for the logo in order to make sure it has a positive impact on the observers. Graphic designers mostly use black and silver as the color of logo whereas shades of red and blue are also used. If you love the conventional style, you can ask the designer to use the company name and position a suitable image over it. On the other hand, if you want to take a more modernistic and stylish approach to it, then you should use images, particularly picked fonts and slogans. You should make sure the font is readable and understandable. Also, ensure the logo is not cluttered because a concise, sharp and professional appearance of your logo will work better for you.

Why You Need to Hire a Graphic Designer for Your Bookkeeping Logo

Designing a logo is not an easy task. It is better to get it designed by a professional graphic designer as it will benefit you in many ways. Let’s discuss the benefits.

You save time: – As a bookkeeper, you will definitely like to invest your quality time dealing with your clients, recording their financial transactions and streamlining their accounting documents. You will avoid spending time sitting in front of computer muddling with designs. Let the designer take care of your logo design needs so that you have enough time to focus on your core job.

You save money: – Many bookkeeping firms design their own branding materials and after sometime realize that what they created is really not working and that it would be wise to bring a professional to do the job. All the money they spent on making their own branding materials is a waste.

You will get a polished, professional image: – We live in a society that runs on a perceived value. It means if something looks better from outside, it has value inside too. A professional designer will bring attention to your business. The professional has the expertise to understand subtle techniques used to craft messages and use them to get all eyes on you.

As a smart bookkeeper, you are now aware of all the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer for your branding needs. So, it’s the perfect time to think about designing a logo or giving it a make-over. At The NetMen Corp, we have excellent creative logo design solutions for start-ups and established bookkeeping firms. We are a talented pool of creative graphic designers with immense knowledge and expertise in the field of logo designing. We will help you build a great brand.

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