What Is Brand Identity? And How to Develop a Great One

One of the biggest issues that companies struggle with is an identity crisis. It’s something that even the larger brands struggle with. While many would think that it doesn’t play a big role in the grand scheme of things, it can often be the downfall ofa company as it fails to stick to its fundamentals. Many companies don’t retain the image that made them great, while others suffer from a clinginess to the tried and tested instead of opting for change. These are all problems related to brand identity and make a huge impact on the business. […]

Innovative Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

The survival of small businesses is contingent on many things, but they all have to work for at least 50% of marketers to take a chance on them. A small business can't afford to invest in a strategy that may or may not work because it can't afford to take chances on its returns. According to an Ipsos survey, 72% of American consumers say a product's packaging affects their purchase decisions. Since you need a sure-fire strategy, we're here to tell you that nothing quite hits the nail on the head like The NetMan Corp's packaging design in Miami. Check out some ideas below to inspire a bankable packaging design for your products. Go the Extra Mile with a Custom Delivery Package Your shipping box doesn't have to sport your color theme to have a brand identity. You can easily use a regular cardboard box and print your logo and message anywhere on its external surface. Custom shipping boxes don't demand as much work as internal packaging. Unlike the latter, you only need to focus on high-quality print for your shipping boxes. The ink needs to be flawless if you're going with the regular black-on-brown combination. Before printing, aim for small-scale production, so you don't face warehousing issues if supply supersedes demand. Example: The Detox Market The Detox Box by The Detox Market looks like any other brown box. The only thing setting it apart is the svelte white label on the front and a black printed ribbon securing the box with the brand's message. You could use the same features for advertising your socials, promotions, and contact details. Oddly Shaped Display Boxes Businesses that sell high-end products have the luxury of displaying their items in display boxes that don't adhere to the standard geometry. Think of mass-produced box dyes. They come in square-or rectangular boxes because they aren't high-end enough to "think outside the box." Most stores won't display your non-square-shaped boxes if they aren't luxury products because they aren't willing to give up shelf space for something that doesn't even cost all that much. They might be willing to display triangle-shaped sandwich boxes, but if that's not what you're selling, they'd much rather save the space for stackable items. However, stores might be willing to accommodate expensive chocolate, cookies, jewelry, or wine. If that's what you're hoping to sell, you can be as eccentric with the packaging as you want. Example: Bag Ladies Tea The Novel Teas by Bag Ladies Tea are known for their oddly shaped packaging. Most of their cardboard bags are shaped like brown lunch bags folded at the top, but brown bags are the last thing they resemble. With an attractive print, bold font, and a standout box, they tempt shoppers to try them at least once. Add a Wrap for Added Flair Some small businesses aim for minimalistic but end up with boring packaging after initial customer reviews. If you don't have enough resources to start the design process from scratch, hire professional graphic designers for branded wraps, which you can wrap [...]

Small Business Web Development: 6 Benefits of a Great Site

The world is one giant beehive connected by something it can’t even see: the internet. Reports show that 63.1% of the world’s 7.9 billion people have access to the internet. With online content consumption doubling in 2020, the shift to eCommerce is inevitable. It’s not in the near or far future but the here and now. That said, allow The NetMen Corp to give you some more reasons to avail our corporate design services in Miami to set up a business website. […]