Custom Fitness Center Logo Design

When you own a fitness center, you are always looking for ways to get your name out into the community and reach potential clients. Fitness is a competitive business, and you have a host of rival gyms looking to woo the same people in the community. One way to stand out from those other businesses? Getting your own fitness center logo design, which will set you apart and help establish your distinctive identity. […]

Business and Marketing Tips for Beginning Florists

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” admin_preview_bg=”] Starting a new career is always an adventure. Whether you’re planning to leave a full-time job for a career as a florist, or turning a hobby into a career, there are a lot of things to consider as you open a new business. Planning is key in everything, but especially in gaining experience, finding your niche, creating your business plan, budgeting for startup costs and developing your marketing plan. Without making a plan that encompasses these areas, you could be setting your new business up for failure. What can you do to make sure your business is set up for success? Here are our recommendations. […]

Tips for Great Business Card Design

Business-brand development encompasses various factors, but the visual impact of your logo, company name and any associated information with your business is never more apparent than on the face of your business cards. A business card is one of the first impressions made by the representatives of your company, and, for that reason, its tone and appearance should be consistent with your advertising, messaging and image. […]