A marketing campaign that stops the traffic this Halloween

A marketing campaign that stops the traffic this Halloween

Everybody knows Halloween it is not only for kids. Every year, the spooky spirit of the season involves both children and adults, making everyone distend and get ready to laugh for a while pretending to be someone else.

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Mother’s Day is coming! And it is almost like Christmas time for Salon and SPA owners.

Mother's Day Graphic Design Strategy Combo PackageThere are some dates in the calendar that can be a great chance to increase the sales, make new clients and keep happy those who are always coming to your place all year around. Mother’s day is definitely the marketing event for your business. And you do not have to miss the chance to get all its benefits. But to be able to reach that profit , you need effective promotion ideas for your hair and beauty business.

Here you can find several ways to coddle mothers and your register machine too!

  • Gift Card but with some extra goodies. Kids always want to give huge presents, with shinny paper wrapper and big bows. So if you offer a gift card only can be less attractive for children looking for a present for mom. Prepare a nice gift basket, with products you sale, and place the gift card in there. Both will happy, children and mothers.
  • Create interesting service packages that are unique. Includes services done in your salon. And add some special treatment for the ocasion. Like drinks and apetizers. Always look for the way to give more tan expected.
  • Create beauty product packages for home care. For those clients who are regular, offer the chance to extend the benefits of the salon at home.
  • Run a Mom and Daughter make-over contest on Facebook . You can organize a contest and give a hair cut and manicure service, for example, and get many likes for your Facebook page.

These are some ideas that need to be communicate off and online. And to be able to share them with all your potencial costumers you need to be professional and make the marketing material attractive, fun and recognizable. A clear message is keynote in advertising. You have to stand behind your image and make sure it speaks to your consumer in the way that you want to do it. Here is when a graphic design company shows up to help you to convert those great ideas, into even better marketing pieces .

At thenetmencorp we assist you to develope those marketing pieces that will capture the attention of your target. The design process is easy and flows between you and your account manager, who will understand your requirements and will transmit them to the design team. And all together will achieve a final concept which will make you and your customers feel in love with.

How can we start to work together then? Please, help yourself. Here you will find a great deal for Mother’s day. A really useful combo: Flyer and Facebook ad for only $199*. As you can notice, the investment is not high for the benefits they generate to your business.

C’mon and join us!

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Is Avataritis Killing Your Brand?

Let’s face it. The first brand message you offer up in social media comes from that little square icon that represents you in cyberspace, your avatar. Whether you know it or not, everyone who sees your image forms an impression of you and/or your personal brand instantly. What do your brand images say about you?  Are you one of the millions afflicted with…Avataritis?  Take this yes or no test to find out:

  • Do you have half of your ex-girlfriend’s arm around your neck in your cropped down image?
  • Was your image snapped on a smart phone by your overserved BFF at last week’s big kegger?
  • Does you photo scream 1995?
  • You use the boilerplate Twitter birdy or Facebook silhouette.
  • Is there a greyish, orangeish, yellowish swishy backdrop and a contrived smile on your face?
  • Is it just your eyeball?
  • Do you looked even a little bit wasted?
  • Is your image actually not you but instead an image of your fluffy dog, porche carrera or new born babe?
  • Are you masquerading as a celebrity or Homer Simpson?

If you answered yes to any of the above you’re not alone. Say it with me… “Oh Crap!! I have Avataritis!”  Prognosis: your social media picture is crap.  Worry not. There is a remedy.

Know your brand. 
Take a critical minute to define your personal brand. This exercise it very important and is the first step to curing Avataritis if you have it. Many people find that their personal and professional selves have morphed into one, myself included, so only one brand is represented. You may represent your professional self differently and therefore may need to make two lists. Describe yourself in three words.  You avatar should say those three words about you.  If it doesn’t, scrap it and start anew with your three personal brand words in mind. While the majority of these avatars work and are impactful, can you see a few examples of the afflicted?

Be clear
. When creating your new avatar, opt for simple. Crisp, close-ups, black and white or vibrant color work very well.  Don’t worry if the top of your head is cropped off. (Bonus: maybe this is a way to fix a poofy hair day or thinning top.)  There are no points awarded for being within the bulls-eye in the small square.  Don’t be afraid to crop in closely. I prepare client’s avatars to 250 px by 250.  Many avatars include company logos bolstering company reach and brand cohesion. Others are graced with causes the person promotes like 12 for 12K, a charity near and dear to my heart.  Be careful not to overdo your logos/causes/political stances on your logo. Create a blog if you have that much to say.

Quick change. Don’t be afraid to change it up every now and then.  New avatars can generate some much needed buzz if your social media experience feels a little stale.

Heck, @armano has a revolving door of cool avatars which represents his highly relevant brand well.  

Hire a photographer
Your message is worth it really.  Brand Photography is growing but it’s still not a common term. Unlike portraits, brand images carry an intentional message about the subject that helps you understand it more clearly. A thousand words are not needed, but an immediate good impression is critical. I help individuals and businesses properly represent their brand in images clearly and succinctly knowing that with the speed of social networking their avatar has to grab someone tightly less than 10 seconds.

Savvy people are investing in professional photography for social media brand impact. 

So now that you know how to recognize Avataritis, don’t let it kill your brand. Remember that when choosing to follow or friend you, your audience has a fleeting few seconds to size you up.

Make yourself clear, brand aligned and marketable and do the same for your avatar photo.

Source: kylelacy.com

5 Ways For Small Businesses To Get In The Location Game

Location based check-in type services are this year’s overhyped topic – with good reason. While you may not understand why someone wants to be the mayor of their barber shop, you do need to recognize the behavior that social location services such as Gowalla,FoursquareYelp! and Facebook Places represents for the local business.

Shoppers these days are using the Internet to find everything locally and increasingly using mobile devices, services and apps to effectively bypass even the web to find a merchant. What that means is that local small businesses need to find ways to tap into the behavior and not necessarily try to ride the hype wave to Foursquare fame.

Below are five ways the local small businesses can capture their own personalized version of social location behavior and tap what may be the ultimate online to offline combo to produce sales.

Create virtual rewards programs – Rewards programs such as those offered by most coffee shop via punch cards or large retailers like Eddy Bauer have been around for years, but smart offerings by folks like PlacePop are making the punch card concept an easy virtual or online play. Merchants can offer their own version of a check in and capture rich data on their most loyal customers.

Ride the group buying craze – If you’re not familiar with group coupon buying services like Groupon, then you’re probably not reading this blog. Facebook app maker WildFire offers small businesses the ability to create their own group buying offers and take advantage of the viral and social nature of this play to create local Facebook engagement.

Google Places coupons – When local shoppers do turn to a search engine for local shopping they often uncover your Google Places Page (or at least you should be working to make sure they do) Google has a handy coupon tool that automatically creates mobile versions of your coupons and offer. Here’s more information on Google Places Mobile Coupons

Advertise on mobile coupon networks – You can also place your ads on Mobile coupon networks and get distribution of your coupons across many local sites.

Make your own game – The game playing aspect of many of social location biggies is an aspect that should not be overlooked when trying to develop your own strategy. The web app SCVNGRis a tool that allows you to create your own game and have it related to verified checkins for a specific QR code. This would be pretty cool for a merchant association to use to create their scavenger hunt check in game.

And, of course, make sure your business is listed with the major players – Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places

Source: Duct Tape Marketing

Most Common Social Media Mistakes

You know what you’re supposed to do in social media. You’ve read the guides, the blog posts, the articles. But here’s a list of what you don’t want to do. They’re the common social media mistakes that others have made so you don’t have to.

Got a pen?

Creating profiles everywhere: You may want toclaim your username everywhere, but you don’t want to set up shop on every community on the Web. Instead, research the various sites and locate the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck. Not everyone should be on Twitter. Find out where your users are, where they’re interacting most, and where you’d be most welcome. Then, set up shop there. This will help you focus your efforts and prevent you from suffering from the dreaded Social Media Account Overload (SMAO). You don’t want to dilute your efforts by trying to be active on too many sites.  You want to pick and choose to find the sites most beneficial to you.

Not completing your profile: Once you decide which sites you’re going to engage in, you need to commit and genuinely become part of that network. That means being a good member of the community and completely filling out your user profile. Doing so helps you attract like-minded members but it also shows people that you’re here to stay.  Help gain some easy trust points by customizing your profile – add a photo, share your hobbies, fill out your description, etc — to let everyone know you’re not going anywhere. Tell and show people who you are. Yes, social media is where your customers are, but you have to give them a reason to want to engage with you.  Put yourself out there in order to benefit from real conversations down the road.

Fake friending: Tell me when this starts to sound familiar: You hear that Twitter is an important social media site. So you go, create an account, and then immediately start friending (or, in this case, following) everyone you can find and everyone who friends or follows you first. Don’t do that! It’s a complete waste of time and will dilute your efforts. Go for quality over quantity in your relationships. Seek out the people who will be most vocal about you. Then, go out of your way for them. Help them. Connect with them. Build real relationships. That is how social media becomes powerful. Fake friends aren’t going to click your links, they won’t visit your site, and they won’t buy your products. They actually won’t do anything for you.  It’s okay to be choosy with your online relationships. You wouldn’t walk into a coffee shop and immediately ask everyone to be your best friend. Don’t do it online either.

Selling to everyone, immediately: Direct marketing can work in social media, but you need to create the relationships before you try and call on them. It’s the same offline, yet sometimes we forget. If you immediately walk into social media and start selling, no one is going to listen. You’re going to be ruled a spammer and you’ll not only receive a negative response, but you run the risk of permanently damaging your brand. You can’t afford to do that. Take some time to learn about the community, to meet the people, and then only offer your product when it makes sense.

Using the same strategy on every site: Facebook is not MySpace. Twitter is not WordPress. Linkedin is not Naymz. And they’re all different from Friendfeed. Every social networking site is different and you need to create a different strategy for each site you decide to engage in — one that is customized to that site’s specific rules and code of conduct. Trying to run a one-size-fits-all approach will limit your ability to be successful anywhere.

Not measuring it: If you’re not going to come up with ways to measure your social media efforts, don’t jump in. Before you get into social media, know why you’re there and what you plan to get out of it. What are you looking for? Increased buzz over a product? Better brand awareness? Blog subscribers? Traffic? How are you going to measure these goals? Whatever your metrics are, make sure you’ve identified them before you throw money into programs you’re not tracking. Otherwise you’re fishing in the dark.

Above are some of the biggest social media mistakes I’ve seen. Any good ones you’ve seen “other” people make?

Source: Small Business Trends