All steps of creating a new mascot involve trying everything you – and your mascot – do with your brand’s mission. The same should always be true of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

The most common form of marketing with a mascot is to have someone dress up in a costume and attend events, parties, or attractions. But it’s important to remember that you can think outside-the-box too. Yes, your mascot can appear on print-ads, in commercials, on billboards and marketing media but again, these are all conventional.

What if you attended a local fireworks or entertainment event and used a projector to show your mascot in the sky, as part of the festivities?

What if your mascot visited hospitals and kids homes to make sick, hurting children happy and entertained?

What if your mascot showed up on a popular kid’s TV show – like Sesame Street – to carry on the message of your brand?

There are many possibilities for mascot ideas. The main idea is to get your mascot out there and out into the world. Include them in your print ads and media campaigns. Turn your social media into a personal mascot profile where he/she can interact with customers and your audience. Make sure your mascot attends local and remote events.

It’s no different from any other form of marketing where you push your content and message in front of your audience. The only exception being, your mascot is your message.