Ninety-two percent of consumers from around the world trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth recommendations, over paid advertising. That’s an even better reason to use every opportunity to create brand awareness and make a good first impression.

92% of Consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations

Making a good first impression is vital to attracting new customers. You don’t have much time to make an impact, either. In fact, you have about 30 seconds to make your first impression count.

Some ways to make a good impression are to dress neatly and radiate confidence. Now, imagine handing a potential client a scrap of paper with your name and cell phone number written on it instead of a professionally designed business card. That likely won’t impress them too much.

Custom stationery shows clients you are qualified to do the job or give them the product they want or need. When it comes time for them to buy your service or product, your company logo will appear in their mind.

A visually appealing business card will excite potential customers, too. They’re more likely to look forward to conducting business with you because they’ll trust you’re passionate about your industry. Plus, business cards conveniently fit your contact information in wallets. If your stationery is especially unique, a client might keep your stationery as a source of inspiration for their own business.

Your stationery is an opportunity to spark interest and arouse curiosity, too. Don’t be afraid to be creative and lighthearted with design, as long as you stick to your company tone and image. Always keep your audience in mind.

Remember, your stationery creates the first impression and leaves potential customers with a lasting image. It can help you network with clients and boost business overall. Make sure you don’t neglect this important part of your company’s appearance.