Package & Brand Design for Small BusinessesAs the owner of an small business you can use the design of your packaging as a platform to build your brand. Since a packaging design will include your logo, a color pallete, fonts, symbols, icons, and different elements the whole ‘’pack’’ will be the best way to stand out and show and shout to the entire world: HERE I AM. Do not forget the basic rule, the first stage for any product company is to get a brand identity.

A packaging design  is one of the most cost-bennefit-effective marketing tools.  It requires a relative low budget, lasts a long time, and reaches many customers.  Plus has a great characteristic, can be used in several moments of the sales process: before (in advertising and promotions) during (at point-of-purchase) and after (during its use, and re-use). Well-designed packaging is widely appreciated, creates buzz, and is often kept and re-used, have a doubling effect on this critical marketing investment. If your packaging can be re-used you hit and strike. Nowdays, offer a packaging that can be a recycled for sure help to add a cool green perception of your company.

Packaging design is essential for products to stand out.  Small companies compete for recognition in comparison to recognized brands.  These type of companies will benefit hugely from thoughtful packaging design. And to help those companies to get the key to open the opportunity to be recognizable in the market, exists Here can be found not only a graphic design team ready to create, also an account manager who will help to develop a branded packaging design. At thenetmencorp we definitely believe in team work. The company, the account manager and the designers will work all together to achieve that final concept which will complement the product and reinforce the brand identity.