A memorable and well-designed character illustration can help your brand stand out from the competition and create a sense of personality and familiarity that is hard to achieve any other way.

These unique character designs can easily be featured on product packaging, memorabilia, magazine covers and articles, editorials, ads and much more, helping you create a cohesive brand story.

At the NetMen Corp, our professional character design illustrators can create the marketing assets that fit your company’s message and enhance your company’s message and enhance your branding efforts.


Characters are story tellers, and effective marketing is all about telling your unique story.

Characters are familiar. Characters can be fun or serious. They can explain your new products and services or they can represent the high quality you strive for.

They simply tell your company’s story in a very memorable way.

Commission a Character Design or Illustration

The company character creation process starts just like our design work for logos and illustrations.

You’ll receive a simple survey that will help us understand the nuances of your company’s brand. Then, you’ll be contacted by your account manager who will act as your liaison between the designers.

Three days after completing the survey, you’ll receive several initial character concepts, each one taking a different angle on the brand. You simply choose the one you prefer and let us know why you liked it (so we can continue to develop the character illustration along those lines).

If none of these concepts appeal to you, we’ll take another two days and send you another presentation. We won’t stop until you’re 110% satisfied with the designs.

Once you’ve chosen the concept, you’ll receive 4 to 7 versions of that concept, and you can request unlimited modifications until the final design meets your ideal.

When everything is perfect, we’ll finalize the formatting and send you the image in vector file format so you can enlarge it or reduce it to fit any project.

You will, of course, be the sole proprietor of the copyright for your company character design.

Quality Designs and Memorable Characters

An illustration of a character design is a great way to stand out when all your competition is relying on stock photography throughout their marketing. You will have a lot more flexibility with illustration, and our creative designers will make sure it fits perfectly with the rest of your brand, style, and message.

At the Netmen Corp, we have more than 15 years of experience creating and delivering memorable designs. Each project is developed by a team of professionals, and we won’t stop working until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Contact us today and start creating a whole new character.