Design Trends for 2020

The world of design is continuously changing. Every year, there is a new set of design rules to make and break, and what seems cutting-edge and trendy one day could be outdated the next. Every designer will naturally want to make their work feel relevant, and there is no better way to do that than to keep yourself in touch with the design headlines. […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Every working mom, from Monday through Friday, combines two aspects of her life, the fact of being a mother and a worker. As a mother, they take care of the family and of all the aspects around the home.  As a professional, they work with responsability and commitment, making sure everything is done perfectly.  Being a working mom is not easy but rewarding. The challenge is to find the perfect balance between these two roles: personal and professional . At thenetmencorp working moms can find a space where they apply  their knowledge and organization to give our customers the best possible service. Here  there are three women  who officiate this dual role, as mothers and professionals: Anabella, Roxana and Vanesa. They manage to combine childcare with work and have been doing it  for years. They are proud of their achievements, professional successes and their families. The excellence is present in both areas: home  and office. Always their goal is to give the best and feel rewarded not only for the salary, but also by the fact of providing a quality service that is highly valued by our customers and supervisors. All the characteristics that can be found in a  mother are  very important in the life of every human being , but also they are in a labor organization as The Netmencorp. Here that ‘’plus’’ that can be given by a woman who is responsible for the upbringing of other people,  who feels and perceives differently and who knows how to capture the needs of others quickly always attentive to a fast response and to bring an immediate solution are super good valued . Working mothers are organized, multi-tasked, and have zero time to screw around. And  because they are in a parenting frame of mind, they have a heightened focus on "doing the right thing." Those skills are well appreciated in all type of company, does not matter how big or small the company is. And last but not least important. Working moms are happy. They are happy when they leave their homes, knowing  they have a job to do and  they are part of a team to perform it. And also are happy when return to their homes and see their families and talk of how the day was and share quality time together. On mother’s day we want to be celebrate  with our moms here at The Netmencorp and congratulate them for the great job they do every day and also thank them for the special energy they spread around. Today we are The Netmotherscorp!

Vote for graphic design!

Time for vote, time for design. There is no doubt that politicians are not graphic designers themselves. For that reason they need the help of experts who can visualize their thoughts and make them understandable for other people. And it's not just choosing a nice font or give to the design a striking color, it is about much more than that. The politician must grab the attention of the voter, convey confidence and keep them throughout the campaign, until the day of the election. Time of political campaign is rough and competitive. And the candidates look for establish a brand to gain recognition and which communicate the core of their proposal. To achieve this the graphic design is the key, is the skill to combine all the necessary elements to compose the perfect formula to get what all every single political candidate wants, votes. Presidential nominees hire the best graphic designers to produce top quality campaign material because they want to capture the attention of the people and make them read what they have to say. The designers can develop flyers, posters and other mailings which are an forceful and direct way to reach voter’s homes. Also, if these pieces are well designed, printed in a good quality type of paper and has a good impact to the voter’s eyes, they will stay in the house and will probably be read several times. Also political poster gets a lot of attention . It is a classic that can be modernized with in regard to the environment where it is exposed. Before, it was exposed on a wall, now it can be shared on the social networks, on the facebook wall. It may be used less in the future but nowadays, poster designs are often meant to be downloaded from Web sites and this allows they survival. Now let's analyze the elements that usually make up the most important marketing piece of a political campaign, THE LOGO. The logo is the linchpin of campaign branding. Must be suitable to be on all types of campaign advertising, including the ciberspace. To strike home, the logo must keep the overall branding so voters can recognize it no matter where is placed. These elements are: - Type of font. - The image, there are two approaches: the use of national symbols and the out of the cliché, exploring more abstract languages, using only a simple letter or figures to be present and not be linked to anything concrete. - The color, where they can have a patriotic Reading (using the flag colors) versus multicolor proposal, with a more open interpretation. You could see some of the reasons why political candidates need a graphic designers in their team. They give to the campaign impact, attention-grabbing and that shareable social media to stand out in a crowded field. Graphic design is one of the essential elements to managing a presidential campaign. And to finish this article, let’s do something related to the topic. Let’s vote for [...]

How the colors and fonts of your logo can speak about your company

Think about which colors will make people feel sophisticated and sexy. Now, think about colors that make people feel happy and friendly. Would you choose the same colors?   I bet you wouldn't. This is because different colors are related with different feelings. We all know the message behind the logo must be the main thing, but please, do not forget about how colors have bearing on people’s opinion. Black inspires luxury and sophistication, as you can see it in Chanel bag or in the entrance of a Hilton Hotel. Orange can make you feel happy and sociable, like when you drink a Fanta or watch Nickelodeon. Another design element really helpful when is time to communicate about your brand is the font you choose for your logo. Not only the type of font, but also the space between the letters and the way how they are shaped, make an integration that informs about the brand and makes the first impression on the customers. We know about this, about how important is the color choosing and the type of font. We have created more than 10,000 logos in more than 10 years. For that reason we always reach that logo you are looking for. And many of our new clients are recommended by former clients, who were really happy with the final logo they got working with us. We would like to invite you to take a look to this infographic by Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast, to discover how influential is the color selection of your logo and how important is to choose the correct font and shape to transmit different qualities about the brand. We want to share this information to make you part of the behind the scenes of the graphic design. Come and see what you can find in this great infographic. From now on you will see the logos with our goggles. Click to enlarge