Affordable Web Design: How to Get a Great Website

In today's digital world, having a well-designed, professional website is crucial for any business looking to build an online presence. However, many companies stall investing in a website because of the high costs often associated with web design services. This is where affordable web design comes in. Looking for an affordable website design online can be challening, but not impossible

Why you should adopt Responsive Web Design for your business?

As there is a massive increase in the usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s important for you to know how your customers are accessing your online presence. You need to find out what your website look like when they are accessing it for gathering relevant information they need. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, your customers will click away to your competitors. And definitely you will not like this to happen in any case. You will find out ways to give a wonderful mobile viewing experience to your audience. You can do this by using HTML responsive web design. Technical definition of responsive web design Before we dig more into the benefits of responsive web design, let us first talk about its exact definition. It has become a very catchy term in web design industry today. This term is used commonly to describe mobile-friendly websites. Responsive web design is a site that is built on single domain and uses one single HTML codebase. The single HTML codebase can be fluidly resized by the CSS to optimally adjust to the screen size of the device viewing the website. In simple words, responsive web design means a website that has been built in a way that all the content, images and structure remain the same on all the devices. If you go for this web design, you will be away from the hassle of having different websites for various devices. What are the main features of responsive web design? A HTML responsively designed website uses all mobile-friendly features. It eliminates Flash content that does not work on mobile operating system. It includes proper mobile redirects and mobile 404 pages and eliminates full screen interstitials that obstruct mobile page views. Responsively built website also ensures fast mobile page load times. Audience expectation is high on HTML responsive web design Everyone is running short of time today and has a busy lifestyle. They have less time to search things on desktop. They want to be online every time, whether they are travelling, working or relaxing at home. They spend more time on mobile. So, they want your website to display properly on their mobile screens. In a Google study, it was found that 72% of audiences want the websites to open on their mobile devices. And 61% will leave the website if it is not mobile-friendly. Top benefits of HTML responsive web design Tremendous Flexibility Responsive web design offer tremendous flexibility. These websites are fluid which means the content can flow easily through all screen resolutions and all devices. Also the images and grids are fluid which means the content image and structure resizes with the screen size of different mobile devices. Recommendation from Google With highest search market share, Google stands ahead with more number of search marketers listening them. It states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration. They also refer this design as the best industry practice. As it has same URL and [...]