I am a member of one of the worlds largest Civic Organizations. When we decided to create a new logo for our biggest fundraiser we were getting over whelmed with decisions that had to be made. I was told about TheNetMenCorp by a friend who had used them in past, they came with high praise, and I was told that their quality of service was hands down the best there was, and boy was I NOT disappointed. Upon hiring them I was immediately sent a message from Florencia (the rep I worked with) introducing herself, and saying that she was going to be with me throughout the entire project. I don’t think she realized what she was getting herself into at the time but thats neither here, nor there. They sent me a file to fill out and return asking what kind of logo I hoped to receive from them, I also sent them some ideas as to what we would like to see. Our first correspondence went out on December 11, 2014 and our last message to each other was sent on January 21, 2015. They created many concepts for us to look at, study, and see if it was a fit for our event. After 23 logos we finally found the one that the board liked, and approved. Not ONCE did they send a bad logo concept to us, the board just didn’t like them personally (sometimes it’s hard to get people to change their ways). If you want a company that will work with you, adhere to your changes, and work with you every step of the way PLEASE consider using TheNetMenCorp. I was promised they would go above and beyond, and I can now make that same promise. Thank you Florencia and TheNetMenCorp for listening to our ideas, making the ideas come to life, and helping our fundraiser become that much better. You have a customer for life, and Florencia after talking to you more than I do most friends and family members you have a friend for life now too! ;-p