This was a very trying and tedious packaging/label project for several reasons: -Our own team wasn’t entirely on the same page about a number of things; we had to work through our various views and priorities -We had to not only design labels/boxes, but figure out how to graphically differentiate among a dozen or more products -It was very challenging to identify the final containers and their specifications that we are going to use for the products; we couldn’t give NetMen exact dimensions until well into the project -As a dietary supplement, our packaging has to conform exactly to many government regulations; those regulations changed significantly in the middle of the project; it took our team a long time to reconcile those requirements vs. the kind of clean design we wanted. I’ve given the NetMen top scores for our project not because they were perfect in every way all the time. The NetMen positives were many: -They were willing to pick up the project where another over-her-head designer had stalled without a solution -They provided a highly-competitive bid; at the end, we even felt it was unfair to them, so we paid them a bonus -Our project manager, Victoria, and her team were infinitely patient regarding the challenges we presented -Victoria continually reinforced the fact that they would do whatever it took to ensure that we were 100% happy with the end result -We are 100% happy with the end result.