What Is a Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet is a paper used to sell things. Companies make these to tell people about their products or services. It gives information to help sales.

Sell sheets are also called sale sheets. They have pictures and details. The goal is to get the customer interested in buying the product or service. A good design makes the product look great.

What Is on a Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet has many parts. It shows the product with big, nice pictures. The pictures should make the product look amazing.

It lists the product’s key features. This part uses simple words to tell what the product can do. It shows the top benefits for customers.

The design includes the product name and logo. It has the company name and colors. Branding makes it clear who sells the product.

There are sections explaining more details. Things like:

  • What the product is made of
  • How to use the product
  • Sizes, colors, or versions available

The sell sheet gives pricing for the product. Maybe it lists different package deals too. Customers want to know the costs up front.

Many of them have a little space for notes. That gives room to write custom info for each customer.


Use Simple Words

The words on a sell sheet should be simple and clear. Avoid big, fancy words that are hard to understand. Use common language that everyone gets.

Short sentences work best. Long run-on sentences are too hard to read quickly. Keep the writing skimmable and scannable.

A sell sheet design has limited space. So the writing needs to be compact but catchy. Every word counts to sell the product benefits.

Make It Visual and Skimmable

The sell sheet design should be very visual and skimmable. Use obvious headers to organize the info. Put the most important details up top.

Include bulleted or numbered lists when possible. These break up walls of text to be more skimmable.

And of course, high-quality product photos are a must. The pictures should grab attention and make people want the item.

A busy, crammed design is hard to follow. Instead, use white space to make the content breathe. The design should look clean and uncluttered.

There are many online sell sheet templates, but you want to make sure that you are using one that matches your brand identity. This includes using design elements which are also present in other areas of your brand, like your website, for example.

It should be very clear what is your selling point, the product specifications, and a call to action for customers to reach out.

Design for Your Audience

When creating a sell sheet, think about your audience. Are they experts who know a lot of terms already? Or are they beginners who need simple language?

The design and writing style should match your buyer personas. Adjust the content to connect with your specific readers.

Maybe add a QR code they can scan for more details. Or include a short testimonial quote to build trust.

The best ones speak directly to the ideal customers. Putting yourself in their shoes makes the design more effective.

Designing an Effective Sell Sheet

A well-designed sell sheet is a powerful sales tool. It puts essential product info into an attractive, easy-to-read format.

Remember to use clear, common words that everyone understands. Focus the text on key benefits. And make it extremely visual with nice photos.

The sell sheet design should match your branding. And tailor the content to your specific buyer personas.

With an engaging sell sheet in hand, your sales team has another asset for closing more deals.

Get More Sales with Effective Sell Sheets

Having an effective sell sheet is crucial for boosting sales. It allows your products and services to really shine and stand out from the competition.

When designed properly, a sell sheet quickly conveys all the key information in an engaging visual format. This gets potential customers excited about what you’re selling.

An amateurish or text-heavy sell sheet, on the other hand, is a turn-off. It looks unprofessional and makes your offerings seem underwhelming. Buyers will just glance over it and move on.


Use them Throughout the Sales Cycle

While commonly used by salespeople, sell sheets shouldn’t just be for the final sale. They can actually aid the entire sales process from start to finish.

In the early discovery stage, share sell sheets to introduce products and solutions. They provide an overview to gauge interest.

During the evaluation phase, sell sheets allow for easy comparison of different options side-by-side. Customers can quickly see all the relevant details.

And of course, sell sheets are perfect for closing sales presentations. They reinforce all the top benefits and objectives one last time.

Print and Digital Formats

Traditionally sell sheets were physical print documents, like flyers or brochures. This allowed handing them out at meetings, conferences, and sales calls.

But today, sell sheets are just as often digital PDFs delivered by email or website download. Digital formats are easy to share instantly anytime.

Some companies actually create two versions – one for print, one for digital. The designs are optimized for each specific format and viewing environment.

No matter which format(s) you choose, be sure the sell sheet design is consistent with your overall branding standards. This promotes stronger brand recognition.

Start Designing Better Sell Sheets Today

Don’t underestimate the incredible power and versatility of a humble sell sheet. These simple documents can dramatically elevate your sales and marketing efforts.

Put some time into designing highly effective, visually compelling sell sheets for your products and services. Make them attention-grabbing with a professional look and feel.

Then get those new sell sheets into the hands of your sales reps and out to potential buyers. You’ll be amazed at the difference they can make for driving more sales.