10_400x400There was a time, not so very long ago, when no agency would dream of existing without a full-time, in-house team of artists.

However, the agency landscape has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Design is still a critical element of any campaign, but how necessary is a team of full-time designers, especially when your agency is new or of has taken a hit in the post-recession economy? While it may seem as though an agency must have its own design team, it’s not a necessity, and there are some pitfalls that come with the territory.

Over Time, Designs Can Become Stale

When a full-time design staff works day in and day on the same types of projects for the same clients over and over again, it can stifle creativity. Worse, designs can actually become quite boring. This isn’t the fault of the design team, it’s just a natural tendency that occurs when creative people get stuck in a routine. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s also crucial for creativity.

All Designers Have Specific Strengths – and Weaknesses

Not all designers are good at everything. That means you have to take extra care to put to

gether a team that can complement one another in just the right ways so that you can deliver for a variety of clients. This is far easier said than done, and even if you do assemble a top-notch graphic dream team, there is no guarantee that all of those designers will stick with your agency for the long haul.

It’s Difficult to Correct Hiring Mistakes

As a business owner, you know that bad hires happen. You might bring on a new designer thinking they are the answer to your artistic prayers, only to find out they aren’t the right fit.  Letting a staff member go is never easy. There are specific protocols that must be adhered to in order to protect your company from potential lawsuits.  Meanwhile, you’re still stuck with poor design, and your relationships with clients may suffer.

Is There Enough Work?

Do you know what your designers do all day? Does your agency truly have enough work to keep the whole team busy 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year? If you aren’t a Fortune 500 company, it’s likely that you won’t always have enough work to keep a full-time design staff busy. Do you really want to pay your designers to surf the web several hours a day?

The Answer? Design on Demand

A full-time design staff can lead to hemorrhaging expenses and stale design. There is, however, a cost-effective and practical solution: a design partnership.  If you connect with a firm that handles only graphic design work, it can free up some of your budget and help you tap in to talent that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Design firms can match their own teams with the type of projects you send, so that you’re always connected with professional artists that can hit projects out of the park.

Once you develop a close relationship with a design partner, they can become an extension of your team rather than simply an outsourced vendor. They’ll get to know your preferences, your brand, your clients, and your preferred style of work.  This allows you to have the benefits of a full-time design team while avoiding the pitfalls.

If your company is looking for a design partner, contact The NetMen Corp today. Our design teams have a broad range of skills, talent and experience to help you deliver on your promises to your clients. You will receive personalized attention, and you will be matched with an account manager who will get to know your business from the inside out. Most importantly, we don’t stop until you are 110 percent satisfied. What are you waiting for?

Partner with a Graphic Design Agency and Increase Your Profit

About The Author:  is CEO of The Netmen Corp.