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Are you launching a new business? When it comes to getting your company off the ground, collecting quality customers to build a loyal following, and branching out for future growth, success starts with your company’s image. How will you propagate your company’s unique selling points into the public eye? A custom and original logo design for your business is the perfect place to start, but you won’t want to do it alone. For this, you need to consult a professional logo design company like The NetMen Corp to help get you off the ground.

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With our talented, passionate team of designers specializing in creating new business logo designs, The NetMen Corp is your best choice when it comes to design. We offer a variety of competitively-priced, high-quality services, including:

  • The creation of unique, entirely new logos for companies just starting out
  • The option to refresh an existing logo or rework a logo idea for your new business
  • Complete access to creative concepts
  • Unlimited revisions during the design process
  • Individual account managers and design teams for your custom company logo designs
  • Impressive turnaround times 
  • Low competitive pricing without compromising quality
  • Quick response times
  • And more!

Why Choose The NetMen Corp?

There are many advantages to employing professional online logo design services. Our designers can bring together your ideas in a logo that accomplishes all the things you’re looking for creating a stunning look that you could never get from making one on your own. We listen to what you and your company stand for, and we translate that into a unique logo that makes a lasting first impression.

Employing professional logo designers will also save you time. Unless you have graphic design experience, it will take you lots of extra effort to design a logo, and that’s the last thing you need while you’re launching your new company. Because this is our business, we know how to conceptualize and execute a professional logo design in much less time. This means you can stop putting your precious minutes into designing and instead focus them on the areas where you best serve your company, such as drumming up new business, managing employees or increasing sales.

Our logo design stands out because we work with clients to reach their goals together. Above all, we want you to love the professional logo we produce for you. Other benefits of working with The NetMen Corp include:

A great brand starts with a superb logo, and we can deliver just that. Along with competitive prices and quick turnaround times, The NetMen Corp provides uncompromised, high-quality designs. We’re experts in working with new businesses just like you.

Make a Memorable Business Impression With a New Company Logo

Corporate logos symbolize the culture, vision and ambitions of companies. They are what people will associate with your new business. They represent your business’s brand. Your company can’t afford not to have a logo, especially when it’s just starting out. Make the best impression with a new company logo. The NetMen Corp offers a variety of logo design services online. Whether your new company needs to establish a unique brand or rework an existing logo that doesn’t quite do the trick, we’ve got you covered. We also offer online and rush logo design and redesign online.

Consistent messaging is vital for customers to remember your brand. When you create your company’s logo, it is essential to include the logo on your other marketing properties as well. Creating this uniformity of design makes your company appear more professional. This earns clients’ trust. When they see that you are well-organized and consistent across your many business channels, they’ll want to invest in you, giving you their money and their business.

Getting the right logo for your business will help your new company on the path to success. As experts in working with new companies, we can help you perfect your business’s website, printed marketing material, packaging and more. Call us today and let The NetMen Corp’s graphic designers create a uniquely stunning logo for your company.


Step-by-step. How you can work with our designers.

Date of Delivery

As soon as you have filled out the evaluation form and returned it to us, you will be contacted by your personal account manager


Initially you will receive several design concepts, each one crafted in a different way, yet each retaining the core essence of your company


When you have decided on your concept, you will receive 4-7 versions of the original concept with one working day.

Final Files Delivered

Once you have selected the final design, you will receive the original files (Ai, Psd or HTML) and fonts in a zip file.

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How to Get a Great Logo Design

What makes a great logo design? Something simple but memorable that reflects the values and goals of your company with a glance. It should be straightforward yet unique, and it should hold up year after year, avoiding any trendy design features.

In sum, the essential elements of great logo design are:

  • Simplicity
  • Distinctiveness
  • Ability to Make an Impression
  • Timelessness
  • Reflection of Your Business

Let’s walk through each step one by one to explore what makes the best logo design.

  1. Simplicity

Think of the most iconic logos in circulation — Apple, McDonald’s, Twitter. What do they have in common? They don’t overdo it. All rely on one very simple symbol to capture people’s attention. Apple and Twitter don’t even include any words in the logo. They don’t need to.

The right font, character or illustration should sum up your company with no extras needed. The image you choose should be dynamic, so it’s memorable. But don’t load it down with excess wordiness or art. A logo should tell a story in a glance.

  1. Distinctiveness

Make your logo unlike anyone else’s. Imitation will just get you mixed up with other businesses — and you don’t want that.

  1. Ability to Make an Impression

You want your logo to be memorable. Why? So people will recognize it, whether it’s on an advertisement or your packaging. Logos help you brand your company, and so they should capture people’s interest.

What does that mean? Your logo should include:

  • A small element of mystery that makes people want to learn more
  • Exceptional artistic and graphic values
  • Easy-to-read fonts

For instance, Apple could have chosen to go with a logo of an apple without a bite taken out of it — but it’s that tiny chomp that sets the image apart. Who took that bite? What does it symbolize? The logo makes people want to find out the story behind it.

  1. Timelessness

There is nothing worse than an image stuck in time. If you capitalize on an of-the-moment trend, your logo will look dated just a few years from now, which will reflect poorly on your company. Choose timeless illustrations and fonts to avoid having to rebrand every time new design crazes arise.

  1. Reflection of Your Business

This doesn’t necessarily mean your logo must be a hamburger if you are a restaurant. It’s more about getting across the key qualities of your business. Nike’s swoosh logo, for instance, reflects the company’s dynamic nature. The swoosh is active and aggressive, just like the target Nike customer. Keep the attributes of your audience in mind when designing your logo.

By heeding these five principles and incorporating them into your new design, you can come up with a great new company logo people will recognize and trust. It may take you a few tries to get the right look, but the hard work will pay off with better branding.

5 Reasons to Utilize a Professional for Logo Design

It takes customers just 10 seconds to form an opinion on a company’s logo. They need to see it five to seven times to remember and recognize it, but that first impression can last. A logo is the visual representation of your brand. Is your logo striking and memorable? Is your logo pleasing to the eye? Is the logo design representative of what you offer your customers? It can be difficult to answer those questions or gauge how customers will react to your design if you do not have prior experience.

10 seconds to develop opinion on logo

It may seem less expensive or easier to design your logo in-house. After all, who could know your company better? If you have the talent and expertise to create a logo in-house, that’s great. If you don’t, do not trust your company’s image to someone who isn’t qualified, including online logo design companies that offer suspiciously low prices. A good logo is an investment that can last for years. Whenever you invest time and money into something that is going to represent your company publicly, you want to put your trust in a professional.

Here are five reasons a professional logo design company is the right choice.


Branding is a comprehensive strategy that covers your company’s name all the way down to the type of font the company uses on its website. Your company’s logo falls into the branding category. That single symbol is going to be representative of your whole organization. Every time you hand out a business card or send a letter, every time someone visits the company website, every time a customer thinks about your company, that logo is going to appear.

If you decide to forge ahead without a professional’s help, you might make some of these common logo design mistakes.

  1. Overly relying on trends. Branding is like any other field: full of the latest trend. A Chevron patter might be trending, or it could be a particular font. Whatever the trend is, it can be easy to buy into. People see that style everywhere so it must be popular, right? True, but popularity fades. You do not want your logo to fade with it. Trendy tends to become cliché – not a word you want people to associate your brand with.

A professional will be able to help you and your company see past the latest fad to create a logo that has a timeless rather than trendy appeal.

  1. Creating a busy look. Your company’s values, goals and culture mean a lot to you. It can seem impossible to distill all of that into a single image, but if you do not, you run the risk of creating a logo that just looks too busy. Instead of creating a stylish logo that features only your company’s name or a single image, you might be tempted to include your tagline, different fonts and a couple of eye-catching colors. Maybe this has captured more information about your company, but the message it sends to consumers is going to be muddled.

Rather than fret about your design, turn to professional online logo design services. A professional will be able to translate the message you want to reach customers into a sleek and straightforward image that does not run the risk of looking too complicated. Your logo is just a visualization. Your customers will learn about your values and commitment when they work with you. Branding is about getting them interested in doing that.

  1. Using the wrong font. With programs like InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, it seems like everyone can master fonts and design. You have access to so many different options. You might fall in love with a font, but that does not mean it is going to represent your brand accurately. It could be a total mismatch for your audience.

A professional designer can guide you toward the font that will send the right message to the people you want to reach. A pro might even show you a logo option that does not include any words at all.

  1. Choosing the wrong color. A poorly chosen color can completely derail your logo’s message, but the right color choice can increase readership engagement by up to 40 percent. Almost half of people (42 percent) say that blue is their favorite color, and 33 percent of the top 100 brands of 2016 had at least some blue incorporated into their logos. This could be a great reason to use blue, but following the crowd is not always the right choice. Is blue the right choice for your company? What shade of blue would be the most effective?

Logo Color Can Increase Engagement 40%

A company that can design a professional logo will be able to answer those questions and help you select the right color. Maybe a shade of blue does work for your logo. Perhaps a bolder choice will make your logo stand out from the competition. Choosing the right color for your logo and understanding what that color means has the potential to increase brand recognition by 80 percent and improve brand comprehension by up to 73 percent.


Starbucks has one of the most recognizable and visible logos in the world. Approximately 40 million photos are posted on Instagram every single day, and the Starbucks logo pops up in about 10,000 of those images. That is incredible visibility. Not every company’s logo is going to achieve that massive level of attention, but visibility is still an integral part of logo design.

Visibility means the people you want to reach are seeing your logo. Even if your logo has a fantastic message, it’s useless if it is not reaching the intended audience. Visibility comes with a logo that appeals to your intended audience. Amateur designers can guess what graphic representation will resonate with an audience, but a professional is going to have much more precise execution.

Tailor Your Logo To Your Audience

Working with an online logo design service does not mean you are letting someone else tell your company’s story. Talk to your designer about your business. Share insight into its values and explain what you want the logo to communicate to your customers. A professional designer will be able to interpret what you have to say and translate it into a compelling image.

The ultimate visibility goal is to have your logo become synonymous with your company. Customers can see your logo by itself, with no other words or advertisements, and immediately recognize it and know what it stands for. Think about Nike’s iconic and simple “swoosh” logo or McDonald’s golden arches. When you see those logos anywhere in any context, their companies immediately come to mind.

Putting your logo where customers can see it is another piece of visibility. Tell your logo designer where you plan for this logo to appear. Will it be on your website? Will it be on your business cards? Will it be on your social media pages? Make sure you have a logo with a design you are proud of, that you want to become inextricably linked with your company’s image. Once you have that, be sure to share it.

The right logo that connects with your audience will begin to gain traction as customers see it more often and learn to associate it with your company.


There are millions of company logos, and you probably see a lot of those throughout your day. When you scroll through Facebook, when you flip through a magazine, when you drive to work, when you go out to get a bite to eat, you are surrounded by company logos. The logos that stick in your mind, though, are original. They are not like a logo from any other company.

When you are inundated with company branding every single day, it is easy to be influenced by the logos that you see. When you decide to sit down to design your logo, a lot of that imagery is going to flood your mind. It can be hard to filter out your ideas from the ideas taken from all the logos you see around you.

Stand out with a logo design that is unexpected

A professional designer will be able to tell you with certainty that a logo design should be original. An online logo designer business is going to have a reputation that rests on originality. In addition to being able to create something unique, a professional designer is going to have a creative skill set that can produce a logo that does something unexpected. The logo might be something abstract but eye-catching. It could be more simple than you possibly imagined but sleek and easily recognizable.

The goal of branding is to make your company stand out from the crowd. A logo that mimics one from another organization stands in the way of achieving that goal. Originality does not mean the logo has to be bigger, brighter or busier than logos that already exist. It means the design has to take your company’s unique brand and display it effectively, whether this means with bright text or a monochromatic color scheme. Professional designers have the ability to think outside of the box. Your logo represents your company – make sure it is as unique as you are.


Consistency is essential to any brand. If a company does not send a clear message or does not deliver on its promises, the loyalty of its customers is in jeopardy. A lot of business owners will probably wonder what a company logo has to do with customer loyalty. The key is consistency.

A logo needs to be consistent across the entire company and its interactions with customers. If you have the logo on your website, it should be on your social media sites, your business cards, your marketing materials, and anywhere else it could be and should be seen by a customer.

This does not mean you should overload your target audience with your company’s graphic representation, but you should use that image enough that it becomes associated with your business. It also means that the image should be identical everywhere you use it. It might seem fun to switch up the color or font, but it will only degrade the company’s brand and the likelihood that the logo will be immediately recognized. If you decide to rebrand with a new logo, make sure you make the transition all at once. Do not leave images of your old logo on your website or social media sites to compete with the new logo you are trying to introduce.

You may know better than to change a logo on a whim, but remember that you need to be able to reproduce the image reliably too. Does your in-house team have that ability?

If your logo appears differently in different places, customers are going to be less likely to form a strong association between the logo and your company. If there isn’t one central image that stands for your organization, you are missing a major visual component of your brand. If your logo is inconsistent, it could cost you recognition and customers. Customers always have options, and if your brand isn’t memorable or easily recognizable, they will probably choose one of your competitors.

Professional online logo design will ensure complete consistency. If you doubt the power of brand recognition and loyalty, remember that 82 percent of adults report brand loyalty. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has even found that effective company logos can improve customer loyalty.


Professionalism is perhaps the most obvious reason you would decide to get a logo designed by a company that specializes in it. Customers will form an opinion about you when they see your logo and that opinion matters. If your logo is in any way unprofessional, customers will take note and associate that lack of professionalism with your company.

Portray Professionalism in your Logo Design

A logo designed by an amateur can miss the mark on consistency and originality, as well as where that imagery fits into your brand and how visible that symbol will become. Making any one of those common mistakes can cost you. It can cost you new customers. It can even cost you the trust of customers. If your logo is unprofessional, how can people trust that your company will not be the same?

Logo design online can be done by professionals, but you have to make your selection carefully. Company logo design online is a large market with plenty of options. Choose an online company with a strong reputation and work that speaks for itself.

A professional logo used consistently across your branding strategy goes a long way in demonstrating your company’s commitment to professionalism. Your existing customers and new customers are going to respond to this message. Whether you decide to design online or engage a different kind of company, trust a professional to deliver a professional logo.

Creating a compelling and memorable logo with market endurance takes time and skill. If you are looking for the perfect image to embody the culture and strength of your brand, we can help. Trust the professionals at The NetMen Corp. to create a unique and lasting online logo design that will be the foundation of your visual branding strategy.


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