In our portfolio you can see examples of the wide range of styles and quality our design team can achieve.


Is a Fashion Design sophisticated brand, oriented to 30 year old women. We were hired to design not only their identity and marketing materials, but also their Fashion Sketches to buidl up their brand identity.


United Scrubs is a company that manufactures scrubs. They customize them, depending on the customer´s preferences and profile. When they open their Chicago Scrubs branch, United Scrubs hired TNMC to develop their launching campaign for the Chicago and DC area.


ICONNECT is an internet connection company that was established in Africa in 2005 and was acquired by Vodacom in 2010. They hired TNMC in 2013 to relaunch its brand by developing a new logo, and all your marketing material. We gave the campaign a modern, colorful, and energetic look to stand out from competition.