Real Estate Design Trends

Hand holding house

2020, the year representing a new decade, is definitely an important year for everyone, including the real estate industry. With a new year and a new decade comes new designs and trends, and might even set the mood for what’s coming in the years ahead.

Real estate is one of the most prominent and important industries for any nation, so naturally, the logo designs for businesses operating within such an important industry hold a lot of significance. Real estate depends heavily on marketing to get customers since the decision to invest in real estate is not easy to make. The new design trends for real estate have brought about a lot of room for innovation, so let’s look at what we can expect from real estate design trends starting 2020.

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Why Opt For White Label Services?

White label card

Many companies have started using white label services to overcome the problem of skills shortages within their business. The way white label services work is slightly different from hiring a freelancer or contract worker or outsourcing tasks to someone else. Instead, businesses will hire the services of another company that is skilled at what they do, and have them deal with the client’s requirements under the name of the original company. This way, the company saves itself a client, and the client is satisfied with the services they get.

But why should businesses go for white label services, instead of simply hiring workers who can carry out the same task?

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Building Better Social Media Presence

Person holding social media board

Having a robust social media presence is essential for the survival of any brand nowadays. On average, a single person spends at least two hours scrolling through their social timelines. By developing a strong social media presence, you get to tap into that potential consumer base.

Not only are your potential customers there, but they’re also looking for you. When anyone first finds out about a company, they look for its website and social media pages. With an audience that is already interested, if you plan your strategy wisely, you can manage to acquire new customers easily.

As a brand, you don’t necessarily need a whole new division or a contract with an agency to boost your business on social media. There are three main steps to take.

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Logo Design Trends of 2020 (Part 2)

Several brand logos

2020 is almost halfway through, which means it’s time to look back on all the major logo design trends that have popped up over the past few months. Logo design is a fun niche within graphic design, because not only is it very important as part of branding, but it is also much more stable than most other types of graphic design since logos have a long lifespan – even as far as a decade!

Still, many brands are now looking into redoing their image because of the changing trends. Let’s look at some of them!

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Design Trends for 2020

Eclectic graphic design

The world of design is continuously changing. Every year, there is a new set of design rules to make and break, and what seems cutting-edge and trendy one day could be outdated the next. Every designer will naturally want to make their work feel relevant, and there is no better way to do that than to keep yourself in touch with the design headlines.

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