What is Crypto Art and How Does It Work?

If you're a fan of the ever-popular cryptocurrency market and want to get in on the action, you could buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. But if you'd rather support an artist who's using crypto as a medium, you can use your cryptocurrency to invest in Crypto Art instead. Many people are not familiar with this art form and don't understand how it works. So let's break down what exactly crypto-art is and how it works! What Is Crypto Art? Crypto Art is a new kind of art where the value is stored in a cryptographic form on the blockchain. It's like regular money for digital art based on blockchain. With art powered by the blockchain, artists can prove ownership and sell their works directly to their customers. This is possible thanks to a technology called smart contracts — computer programs that verify and enforce agreements without third parties. Crypto art aims to revolutionize how art is bought and sold using cryptocurrencies as payment which empowers the artist. Benefits of Crypto Art to the Artist The advantages of this system are numerous: the artist always retains the copyright and gets royalties for every sale, there are no middlemen or auction houses involved, it costs less to produce than traditional art (no framing is necessary), and the Bitcoin blockchain ensures that every piece of artwork is unique. Blockchain makes it possible for artists to retain copyright and get royalties when their work is sold. This could be revolutionary for artists who struggle with getting paid royalties from big companies like Facebook and Google because of their use of algorithms to direct traffic to other sites. In the traditional art world, artists have been struggling for years with unfair practices from galleries and museums. Many artists find themselves in a position where they are forced to sign their rights away as a condition of being exhibited or sold. In many cases, these agreements can be very unfair and leave the artist without any remuneration if the work is sold at an extremely high price. How to Sell Crypto Art? First, an artist needs to make digital art, then they need to make a crypto wallet via sites such as Fortmatic  which allow them to link the wallet to the marketplace they will sell on. Then the artists need to sign on digital art selling platforms such as KnownOrigin, Nifty Gateway, and OpenSea among others and simply start selling. Launch Your Crypto Art Now If you’re looking to create your digital art and need illustration services for your crypto art then, get in touch with us today. At NetMen Corp, we are an online graphic design illustration company based in Miami that offer Graphic design services for Agencies, logo design services, white label website design services book cover and customized postcard services among others. You can email us at info@thenetmencorp.com.

How to Pick the Right Mascot for Your Brand Image?

A brand mascot can help build your brand image and take it on another level. For the best content marketing strategies, including a mascot to your brand’s image will make your brand look more attractive and allow your content to stand out. A mascot is not the same as the company logo. A mascot extends the brand experience and gives the brand an identity, whereas the logo represents the brand’s business. Here are some tips when picking the right mascot for your brand. Select Your Mascot Type The first thing to consider is whether you want a human mascot or go with animal characters. A popular example of human mascots is the KFC Colonel. Mascots with a human touch transform the objects and give them a life, like the M&M’s Spokescandies and Bibendum, The Michelin Man. Choosing an animal as a mascot also makes the consumers feel like the brand is adding a living touch to its name. Some religions worship many animals, and in some cultures, animals have a strong connection with humans. Animals as a brand mascot influence a human’s brain, and you start associating good things with that brand—for example, the Hello Kitty cat. Choosing the Personality Your mascot is not a mere 2-D illustration. In this digital world, most of the speaking will be done by the mascot on your behalf. Therefore, you need to have the answers to questions that will define your mascot’s personality. The questions are: what the mascot is about, its role in your brand, how it moves, does it have any link to the business model, and what it has to say about your brand. These things will then define the quality and characteristics of your company. The answers to these questions will come to you when you sit down and start defining why you need a mascot for your brand in the first place. Planning the Marketing Strategy Perhaps the most crucial step is to plan the visual content for your mascot, and how you will market it. Before coming up with your character, make sure you have a rough idea about what you want to go for. You need to have a character story in mind that will work as the building blocks for your character and give you creative mascot ideas. Then comes your content and marketing strategy. You have to focus on the content with the mascot as the main character in mind. However, remember that you’re not selling your mascot. Comics and illustrations with your mascot’s character work the best. Choose a reliable company that can help you come up with your mascot and its character story. At The NetMen Corp, we offer affordable high quality design services. Our custom Mascot Design services will offer you an experience where you can build a cohesive mascot for your brand. Contact us to learn more.

Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Designing a logo is a crucial part of your brand’s image and overall marketing strategy. A unique logo grabs the attention of your target audience and communicates your brand’s individuality to others. Let’s look at some mistakes logo designers should avoid. Plagiarism Many designers copy a pre-existing logo to save time and earn a few extra bucks, forgetting that the whole premise of having a company logo is to distinguish the brand from others. Some people think they’re just getting ‘inspired’ by another logo but end up copying too many details for it to just be considered an inspiration. Excessive Use of Colors It's important to stick to a specific color scheme. The colors you use in your logo will have an effect on your audience, as colors can impact human psychology. There’s no need to use loud or bright colors if they don’t go well with your brand image. Similarly, a dull logo will never be aesthetically appealing to your target audience. Using clashing colors is another mistake that can make your brand appear too lazy and unimaginative. Unclear Fonts Font matters a lot when it comes to logos. Whatever is written on a logo should be easy to read and understand. Using confusing fonts with twisted styles and letters can confuse consumers and turn them away from your brand. A font style that actually goes well with your logo and is simple enough will stand out. Too Trendy Before choosing to follow a trend, make sure you’ve done your research as a logo designer. A specific trend might fade out with time, but your logo needs to become your brand’s symbol. It can be tempting to follow a trend blindly, but chances are other companies and designers could be following the same trend, and your logo might fail to stand out. A unique logo that is different but appealing will set its own trend. Clashing Details Choosing what elements to include in your logo can be hard, but it’s necessary to avoid the clashing of too many details. The more details you add, the more confusing a logo can become. Many brands have distinct logos that are basic but classic, and you can spot them from far away. Too much detail can take away from the main appeal of your brand’s logo. With the help of our professional logo design services, you can also get a classic logo made for your company. At The NetMen Corp, we make custom Logo Design for business and offer custom illustration design services. Contact us now to learn more.