9_400x400Logos are a critical piece of the branding puzzle. A logo must be able to sum up your brand message in a single graphic representation, which makes it easy to get caught up in over-complicating the design.  After all, a brand is about more than just one characteristic or concept.

However, a complicated logo can quickly tank your brand message. Here’s why:

A Logo Must be Instantly Recognizable

Consumers have short attention spans. They won’t spend a great deal of time examining a logo in order to take in all of the elements. Whether they are looking for products and services online or in person, they will only give a logo a fleeting glance.

Therefore, you must be able to communicate your brand quickly. Think about some of the most successful brands in the world: Nike, FedEx, Pepsi, Apple. You can probably picture those logos instantly: a swoosh, the FedEx name and arrow, the swirl, an apple with a bite missing. You’re able to recall these because they are simple. You recognize them the instant you see them, even among cluttered store shelves.  Your company may not be a Pepsi or an Apple, but you can still create an effective, simple logo that resonates instantly with your customers and potential customers.

A Logo Must be Clear

Your logo must be crisp, clean, and communicate a clear message. If the design is cluttered and confusing, consumers will have less confidence in your brand. Always focus on your core strengths and stay away from unnecessary elements that will muddy your message.

A Logo Must Be Versatile

Logos will be used on business cards, stationery, ads, websites, and television. It must pack the same punch across all mediums, no matter how big or how small the image. Complicated and cluttered logos won’t have the same impact when scaled up or down.

A Logo Must Create Strong Associations

What is easier to memorize? The preamble to The Constitution of the United States or a nursery rhyme?  Short poems can be burned into the minds of small children, while it could take years for adults to memorize a long document.

Logos work the same way. They must be simple enough to pack a memorable punch. You want consumers to be able to instantaneously associate elements of your logo with your business, and you want those associations to stick. Pepsi is known for red and blue. If you see a bag with a bull’s-eye printed on it, you know it is from Target.  Sweatshirt with a swoosh? You’re looking at a Nike product.  Customers won’t be able to associate your brand with your logo if the graphic is complicated and difficult to understand. Simple logos help to create strong brand associations.

When designing a logo, always keep in mind that it does not have to tell the entire story of your product or your business. There’s simply no way to do it all in one graphic. What a logo should do is create a suggestion of your brand.  If you’re trying to communicate too much in your logo, you’re probably going to end up with a poor design that will have a negative impact on your business.

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Create a Logo that Leaves a Lasting Impression

About The Author:  is CEO of The Netmen Corp.