2020, the year representing a new decade, is definitely an important year for everyone, including the real estate industry. With a new year and a new decade comes new designs and trends, and might even set the mood for what’s coming in the years ahead.

Real estate is one of the most prominent and important industries for any nation, so naturally, the logo designs for businesses operating within such an important industry hold a lot of significance. Real estate depends heavily on marketing to get customers since the decision to invest in real estate is not easy to make. The new design trends for real estate have brought about a lot of room for innovation, so let’s look at what we can expect from real estate design trends starting 2020.

3D Logos

3D logos are becoming increasingly popular as is, not just for real estate. This gives the logo some definition and makes it look premium and professional, which is just the attitude needed for real estate design. Shadows and gradients used to give the logo a 3D effect can also make the design look personal, and represent the brand’s message much better. 3D logos may not be best suited for print media, but for digital platforms and billboards, it is a great option for real estate designs.

Animated Logos

Animated logos are best for personalization because the motion will speak directly to the consumer and grab their attention instantly. Most businesses are now going digital, including real estate, and to be able to talk to consumers, they first need attention. Using animation, real estate companies can choose what they want to first express to their customers as well. However, again, animated logos are not feasible for print media, and are limited to digital platforms such as websites or digital billboards.

Custom Typography

Custom typeface fonts are now one of the most popular ways to stand out from among the crowd. Having a font face associated with your brand is sure to enhance recall dramatically, and you can reveal quite a lot about your brand without having to use a logo. Also, custom typography looks much more professional than animated or pictorial logos since the business they deal with is serious and high-involvement on the customer’s part. Custom font faces will also be suitable for print media, which may be needed, such as fliers and billboards, that the company may have to put up. Adding a bit of animation and color to typography logos can also enhance it for digital media.


Using elements is a great way to convey a message simply through your brand’s logo design. This method has been used traditionally for long periods, and the trend is not about to go away any time soon, particularly not for an industry like real estate.

Of course, only time will tell whether these design trends would be a hit or a miss, but one thing is guaranteed: what survives this year will carry on into future years as a long-lasting trend!

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