Surveys have revealed that about 72 percent of consumers in America have stated that their decision to buy a product is influenced by the product’s packaging. So, the simple answer is yes, there is a strong and irrefutable connection between product packaging and sales.

That being said, it’s crucial to explore this connection to understand how product packaging precisely affects consumer behavior. This way, brands and businesses can optimize the power of this connection while ensuring that their customers are satisfied.

Sets You Apart from Your Competition

Your products are very likely to end up next to your competitors on a store shelf. And when a consumer is making their way through the aisle, your packaging is essentially what may draw them toward your product and not necessarily what’s inside. In many ways, the packaging is the very last attempt at advertising your product and pitching it to a potential customer.

Naturally, the packaging has to be eye-catching in a way that sets it apart from the other similar products placed near it.

Great Packaging Reflects the Quality of What’s Inside

For a consumer who’s entirely new to your product, the packaging could be an indicator of what lies inside. Poor packaging material could imply that the product is cheap and of low quality, which may drive a potential customer away.

Moreover, high-end or impressive packaging could justify a higher price. Many consumers believe that higher price ensures better quality, and great packaging could help promote this assumption leading to them buying your product.

The Unboxing Trend

The unboxing trend on social media nowadays is proof of the vital link between packaging and sales. Social media influencers and bloggers take their viewers on an unboxing journey while on camera and comment alongside on the packaging as well.

Their commentary and reactions to the packaging often show how important it is for the consumers. Brands can benefit from giving their consumers this unique experience as this gives them some necessary limelight that may boost sales. It can especially help to convince the consumers that are on the fence about their purchasing decision.

Given that packaging is so important for a brand’s growth, if you haven’t been giving it much thought, you should do so now.

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