Once you have an idea of your target audience, you need to decide how you want to speak to them on an emotional level. How do you want to make them feel? How are you going to convey your company values to connect with customer values?

Here are some ways to approach your targeted audience with the intention to connect:

  • Make your audience feel like they belong to something bigger or to a specific lifestyle. You can probably think of some brands that have done a successful job at making customers feel part of a family. Apple, for example, has created a brand that people want to identify with.
  • Appeal to human need. Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to inspire you. Those are:
    • Physical: Air, water, food, rest and health
    • Security: Safety, shelter and stability
    • Social: A sense of belonging, feeling loved
    • Ego: Self-esteem, power, recognition and prestige
    • Self-actualization: Development and creativity
  • Know what pain your audience is trying to avoid with your product. Also, know what pleasure they are trying to gain. This is what motivates your targeted audience to take action.
  • Tell a story. A simple image on a package can tell a story. A few words can tell a short narrative about who and what a brand or product is.
  • Express brand personality. Be authentic and passionate and let this shine through all aspects of your company’s image. Avoid clichés and stand out. People want to connect with other people, and they don’t want to feel manipulated. Keep your brand human and don’t oversell your product in images or words.
  • Use images rather than words to connect emotionally. The brain processes images much faster than words, and we remember images better, too. If you want to connect with customers in seconds, use imagery.
  • Understand how colors affect us emotionally and use them to your advantage. For example, red can be bold and alarming, and green can be soothing.
  • Speak to consumers on a primitive level. Use sharp imagery like triangles or arrows to make a point, curves to appear soft and friendly, and eyes to draw attention.
  • Make it fun and new. People love the thrill of novelty.