The final product affects how you should go about designing and printing it.

  • Package Design: Great package and labeling design allow your brand to stand apart from other products on display. This category provides for the most creative print design because only the most attractive concepts come to life and make it to the market.
  • Brochure Design: Brochure stands are packed with loads of information in cookie-cutter formats that passersby can stroll right past. Making sure your specific brochure is formatted in an exciting way that clearly illustrates the company logo, call-to-action, and website helps provide the best results.
  • Catalog Design: While a brochure provides a sneak peek and compels an audience to learn more, your catalog should maintain that excitement and get those interested to know precisely what you offer and make a sale. Arranging your inventory in a way that is easy to browse but different from the competition is crucial.
  • Decal Design: Decals come in many forms. These graphics can include anything your company is passionate about and wants to distribute or make visible. Ensuring your decals parallel your company’s brand and image goes a long way.
  • Book Cover Design: Although the old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” that is exactly what many consumers do. Even the most creative writers need a great graphic on their books covers to differentiate their work from the rest.
  • Business Card Design: Every type of company wants their employees equipped with a memorable business card. Staff can use these to make connections and expand your business.

While these are common categories that many print designs can fall under, the choice is really up to the designer’s creativity.