Coffee Cafe Brand Package Design with aprons, shirts, coffee cups, packaging, and more.A brand name is not just a name. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often spend hundred hours on committing a name to their startup, idea or product. A brand name is not just an ordinary name but it is the backbone of the whole startup or a business idea.

Choosing a name is the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs rather than building up business and product strategy as it is the most valuable asset for any business company or a startup entrepreneur. Not only in business sphere, a name gives us a unique identity in every dimension of life. Giving the most suitable name and logo to your product and idea is something which can give a kick start to your startup. Looking for a long run, only brand name is remembered by people in future till you survive in your business. A name and a logo act as identification to your idea and product. A brand name helps to be easily distinguished from your competitors. Your brand name should clearly give an idea about your business and services.

A brand is a coalition or belonging developed in a person or a group of person to a company, product or service. A brand name for startup should align closely with business strategy and should be one which could be used as business strategy in future too. Brand name helps you to connect and build affinity with people and grow your business. Before you commit a name for your business or startup, there are several suggestions you must have a look.

A few suggestions for choosing a unique business name

• Make sure you have a unique and distinct name and a name which is not in use. Distinguish your brand from competitors and ensure that no similar name is used by any of your competitor.
• Never use names that are tough to pronounce and spell. Tough and difficult names often lead to mispronunciation and wrongly spell, making it difficult to be searched and shared online. This can result in negative branding.
• A brand name influences your business. So choose a name which aligns to your business strategy and which can be compatible with products and services you provide.
• Brand name makes people connect with your business. So choose a name which can be easily accepted by people/audience.
• Make sure the name you choose is global friendly and doesn’t restrain to expand your business internationally. Choose a name which should not require rebranding if you wish to expand your business to another area or geographical location.
• If possible always choose to use two or three syllables.
• A brand name should be appealing and most importantly you should love it. A visually appealing brand name creates an extra affinity and interaction in much lesser time.

For future branding, a name plays very significant and crucial role in giving a desired flight to business or vice verse. Along with these suggestions, there are some more crucial guidelines which can help in making a good brand name and a successful branding. Long names are often difficult to remember, so choose short and brief names. A name or logo or the background should radiate a positive energy and should provide a positive image to the brand. A brand name is never used for a limited span of time. A brand name is used for a long term and it should be consistent with time. The consistency in brand helps in building trust among audience and customers. In today’s world, coining names are very much trending. A coined and meaningful name can be more fascinating and effective than existing names. Whether it comes from the last names of the founders or is coined from a story behind the startup, these coined names give extra space to creativity. However, it is not necessarily important to have a story behind your brand name, but it definitely helps in branding and creating awareness among customer and people. Simple names are not always effective and best, instead choose to have a clear, clever and easy name and avoid the use of acronyms.

Now you may feel about choosing a name a bit easier but never look to it as less preferable and easier job. Only a lot of research and countless steps can help you in achieving and committing an attractive and worthy brand name. Never hesitate to discuss it with your team, family and friends. You can also have survey and research with your team to find the most suitable name for your product, service or idea. Do remember whatever name you choose, it should attract the attention of audience as well as it should precisely radiate your qualities, product, idea and business strategies.

So be practical and take your time to decide your brand’s name as it is not only a name but a true identity and reflection of your ideas, product and services.

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