Micrographic for the Colors in Your LogoThink about which colors will make people feel sophisticated and sexy. Now, think about colors that make people feel happy and friendly. Would you choose the same colors?   I bet you wouldn’t. This is because different colors are related with different feelings.

We all know the message behind the logo must be the main thing, but please, do not forget about how colors have bearing on people’s opinion. Black inspires luxury and sophistication, as you can see it in Chanel bag or in the entrance of a Hilton Hotel. Orange can make you feel happy and sociable, like when you drink a Fanta or watch Nickelodeon.

Another design element really helpful when is time to communicate about your brand is the font you choose for your logo. Not only the type of font, but also the space between the letters and the way how they are shaped, make an integration that informs about the brand and makes the first impression on the customers.

We know about this, about how important is the color choosing and the type of font. We have created more than 10,000 logos in more than 10 years. For that reason we always reach that logo you are looking for. And many of our new clients are recommended by former clients, who were really happy with the final logo they got working with us.

We would like to invite you to take a look to this infographic by Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast, to discover how influential is the color selection of your logo and how important is to choose the correct font and shape to transmit different qualities about the brand. We want to share this information to make you part of the behind the scenes of the graphic design. Come and see what you can find in this great infographic. From now on you will see the logos with our goggles.

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The Psychology of Colors in Logo Design