Every working mom, from Monday through Friday, combines two aspects of her life, the fact of being a mother and a worker. As a mother, they take care of the family and of all the aspects around the home.  As a professional, they work with responsability and commitment, making sure everything is done perfectly.  Being a working mom is not easy but rewarding. The challenge is to find the perfect balance between these two roles: personal and professional .

At thenetmencorp working moms can find a space where they apply  their knowledge and organization to give our customers the best possible service. Here  there are three women  who officiate this dual role, as mothers and professionals: Anabella, Roxana and Vanesa. They manage to combine childcare with work and have been doing it  for years. They are proud of their achievements, professional successes and their families. The excellence is present in both areas: home  and office. Always their goal is to give the best and feel rewarded not only for the salary, but also by the fact of providing a quality service that is highly valued by our customers and supervisors.

All the characteristics that can be found in a  mother are  very important in the life of every human being , but also they are in a labor organization as The Netmencorp. Here that ‘’plus’’ that can be given by a woman who is responsible for the upbringing of other people,  who feels and perceives differently and who knows how to capture the needs of others quickly always attentive to a fast response and to bring an immediate solution are super good valued .

Working mothers are organized, multi-tasked, and have zero time to screw around. And  because they are in a parenting frame of mind, they have a heightened focus on “doing the right thing.” Those skills are well appreciated in all type of company, does not matter how big or small the company is.

And last but not least important. Working moms are happy. They are happy when they leave their homes, knowing  they have a job to do and  they are part of a team to perform it. And also are happy when return to their homes and see their families and talk of how the day was and share quality time together.

On mother’s day we want to be celebrate  with our moms here at The Netmencorp and congratulate them for the great job they do every day and also thank them for the special energy they spread around. Today we are The Netmotherscorp!