The first thing a potential customer does when they’re inquiring on a new company is visit the website. This is the first impression, the very moment that’s going to either keep you scrolling, or close the tab. Everyone is a customer at some point, even businesses. And there is nothing more disappointing than visiting a website that makes a business lose all credibility.

Not everyone has an eye for design and functionality, so creating a website for your business is often in the hands of premade templates and designs that don’t necessarily reflect your ideas. At Netmen Corp we specialize in making your ideas come to life, whether it be a logo, an email, a tweet or a website.

B2b relationships take longer to build because there’s an entire company at stake as opposed to a single consumer. A b2b website aims to establish the company as a credible leader in its realm. When it comes to building a b2b website, there are many aspects that are often overlooked because they seem trivial to people who lack the knack for design.

For example, responsive design, landing pages and SEO are all important building blocks that create a strong b2b website. Can you define them all? Chances are this won’t be an easy task.

A responsive design means that users can successfully access your site through any device without running into faulty pages. This allows for your website to always be intact. Landing pages let your user know exactly what they’re dealing with. They’re simple, straightforward and communicate exactly what your business has to offer. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what attracts users to your site in the first place. This requires careful planning of keywords, including figuring out if those keywords generate any traffic in the first place.

These three things make up only a fraction of everything that goes into building a strong b2b website. A good design is make-or-break, and it’s not just about looks, it’s about functionality.

When we, at Netmen Corp, work with developing a client’s b2b brand, we follow their lead. So it’s important for the business to be able to identify their client’s pain points. Once they know what can motivate their audience, our creative team will bring those ideas to life. While we create the final product, it’s important for the client to know and understand what makes a b2b website successful, including a functional user experience, effective communication of the brand, and audience appeal by way of SEO.