Every time we have to do something that will be used for somebody else, we should put ourselves in that person’s shoes. As an owner of a vacation rental, think about what your guests can expect when they choose your place. And figure out what small details you should take care of to make the difference and turn your site into something special.

To make this happen, to offer something out of the box you do not need to spend much money or time. The simple things can make a difference, and every little bit really does count.

For a better start, don’t put all your eggs in just one basket. Nowadays, people tend to think the best marketing actions are those which are digital, online. It is true that the online marketing has gained a lot of importance but still, the classic offline strategies are equally powerful and can be used in many innovated ways. Printing material can be the base to build your marketing strategies.

Start Small

Por qué los dueños de alquiler vacacional deben producir material impreso para sus lugares

Let’s review some of this little actions can help your business to be remembered and recommended.

While it is difficult to be all things to all people, the goal is to give your guests a welcoming, nice, and neat place to spend their vacation. And a welcome book is the point of departure or arrival, depends on the beholder.

The welcome Book/property guide contains the essential information for your guests to be comfortable during their time off. It has all the instructions, as well as information and recommendations on the local area. That is what all the welcome books have, but here we will go further. What about to add some references to make your guests think ‘’wow, this welcome book makes me feel I do not even need google anymore’’?

Make Local Suggestions

Include this information and make that book a ‘’best seller’’:

Where they can find a local dog park or off-leash area. If you accept pets in your place, this will be helpful for those who travel with their dogs. Also, let your guests know if there are beaches where dogs are allowed around the area.

Restaurants. Make a twist here and include a list of recommended veggie restaurants.

Consider the option of staying in and make a list of restaurants with delivery services and include their menus.

Help your guest to eat like a tourist and pay like a local. Make a list of the best places where they can find great food at affordable prices.

Include fun activities for children, babysitting numbers with references, kid-friendly restaurants. For parents this type of recommendations is crucial.

Help the travelers to venture into the kitchen in a practical manner, including good recipes that can be made in 15 minutes or less. This is so funny because they can revive part of their vacations when they get back home, just cooking one of those recipes.

Now, think about another printing material. An effective card of discount. This can be a perfect way to get more bookings.  A lovely card can be designed, enumerating the best characteristics of your vocational rental, including your logo and images that will compose a great marketing piece. Give that card to the travelers and they will have the chance, when they talk about their vacations to their friends, not only to share the great experiences they had in your vacation rental, but also a super discount that can be used for new visitors.

Another outstanding marketing piece is the postcard.  Customized design postcard of your place can be used to maintain contact with your guests and thus having them back on their next vacation. A postcard can be a warmer way to be in touch, instead of an email. Or if you run more than one place, you can use the postcard to promote your other vacation rentals, that is what is called cross-sell opportunity.

These are a few ideas for the content of that welcome book that will rock, the postcards that will give you the chance to be in touch with your guests or the discount cards that will make more bookings. Now, for this great content, you need an even better frame so let’s talk about the design.

You will need to have an attractive layout where place all those instructions, information, tips, discount, etc. and the best way to get it is using the skills of an experimented and qualified graphic design team.

Here at The NetMen Corp we are ready to provide you with customized designs which are the best way to give your business that professional image you need and get all those bookings you are waiting for. Marketing pieces can be the key to open that door and enter in another stage of your business. As a vacation rental owners, you must trust in a professional team like ours.

The NetMen Corp team can achieve that print material which works as a bridge between you and your guests. Information is valued and the printing allows you to share it. Do not miss the chance to be more than a regular host or hostess, get a graphic design partner and start to promote your place using the most minimal detail. Optimize your tools and stand out from your competitors.