Our planet needs help. The environment must be respected and the best way to do it is reducing the negative impact any commercial activities can provoke. For that reason, many entrepreneurs are looking for green options to transform their business into an eco-friendly commerce.

This time, I would like to give some tips for those who are eco conscious and run a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) establishment. They have the chance to convert the house where they are expecting to harbor travelers into a green home, and in that way, offer a service that is eagerly sought after by customers who care about the environment and value those businesses who share their interest on the planet.

Ways to Become Green

The quicker way to become to a green inn is to consume all types of organics products for the activities involved with the daily tasks. This does not require a big budget or procedures to obtain certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the place. And the B&B can add green principles into its lifestyle.

Here is a list of those elements you can add to your place and provide your guest not only a nice atmosphere but also peace of mind:

  1. Buy green products with minimal packaging.
  2. Keep the place clean with nontoxic biodegradable products.
  3. Come up with organic sheets and towels made of all-natural fibers.
  4. Keep the rooms neat with nontoxic paint.
  5. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in public areas.
  6. Provide a breakfast made with local organic and fair-trade foods.
  7. Organize an organic garden. If you do not have so much space, work on an herb garden which does not demand too much room and add some spice to the place.
  8. Let your guests know that kitchen waste will be used in composting, that is a great way to restores vitality to depleted soil.
  9. Place recycling bins in each guest room.

You have to show all in the place is related to be eco conscious and your green travelers will trust on your commitment to caring for the planet. Blend your engagement with the planet with your love for what you do and reach the big prize: Do it right and do business. Contribute positively to the future of the earth and at the same time, be successful in your entrepreneurship. Going green gives your B&B a unique quality so you can stand out above all your competitors.