A well-designed brand is one of your greatest assets in business. It creates trust in the minds of your customers and prospects. This means learning how to design a brand is one of the most important business skills you can learn. It will set your company and business apart from the onset.

A survey by Nielsen revealed that six out of 10 respondents from different parts of the world prefer to purchase new products from brands they know. Consumers in North America also place a higher value on brand recognition than customers from other parts of the world.

So, how do you start a brand that’ll give your business credibility? Here are the basic steps you need to follow.

1. Understand the Features of a Good Brand

Your brand isn’t just your logo and corporate colors. It’s what your customers and prospects feel and think about your company. To create a successful brand, you should create a consistent experience and corporate identity for your customers in your:

  • Print design, flyers, packaging and banners
  • Signage, office and storefront
  • Website, social media channels and online advertisements

Everything you do, including customer service, sales and support, must portray your brand.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Your brand must appeal to your target audience. To get your main consumers to love your brand, you must understand what they want. Align your mission, tagline and marketing messages to fit their needs.

Get a solid image of your buyer persona, Then, create a corporate identity they’ll associate with. After connecting with your brand, your audience will be more willing to click on ads, join your mailing list and consume your content.

3. Create a Mission Statement

To build a credible brand, you must focus on the value your company offers to customers.

Use your mission to define your purpose for doing business. Let your mission show in your logo, voice, tagline, and marketing messages. Tell your customers what you’re determined to achieve.

4. Study Your Competition

Study what other big brands in your industry are doing well and what they’re doing poorly.

Analyze both local and foreign brands. You should use this analysis to determine why a customer should buy from you. Use your study to show your clients how you’re different and better than your competitors. Draw inspiration from other successful brands you admire in other industries, too.

5. List the Features and Benefits of Your Brand

Find out what you’re doing that makes you unique. Note the key benefits and features of your business that no one else is providing. Let your target audience know why they should choose your brand rather than another.

6. Create Your Logo

A picture is the fastest way to identify a brand. That’s why you need to work with a professional logo designer. At The NetMen Corp, we have the expertise and experience required to help you turn your mission and passion into a unique and attractive logo. This logo will be your corporate identity, appearing in anything that relates to your company.

Invest the time, effort and resources required to create a great logo. A professional logo designer goes beyond basic design to provide other visual branding elements, including:

  • A suitable color palette
  • Fonts and typography that fit your logo and corporate mission
  • Web elements and icons
  • Graphics or images to complement your corporate logo

Work with a company like The NetMen Corp, where you will be given various logo designs from which you can choose before you decide on the final version for your brand.

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