How should the perfect logo design look like? It should be unique, authentic, and relevant. It should not only fit the concept of the brand but also match current trends.

Whether you want to launch a new brand or need to redesign the existing logo, you should be aware of trends in logo design. So let’s look at the top trends to follow in 2020.

Minimal logo design

Minimalism is a trend in logo design that isn’t going anywhere soon, and here is why.

Currently, Millennials are dominating the market. And, as you probably know, this generation is obsessed with minimalism. In contrast to older generations, young people tend to reject the idea of consumerism.

Most Millennials believe that they will not become happier if they spend more money and buy more things. They choose a minimalist lifestyle that revolves around owning less material possessions and buying less stuff.

Being passionate about minimalism, Millennials prefer to choose products with minimalist packaging design and tend to be more loyal to brands with simple logo designs. So if you target people under the age of 38, you should think about designing a minimal logo in 2020.


Logos with ultra-thin lines

Usage of ultra-thin lines is a new word in the world of logo design. Delicate lines and extreme level of detail helps to create a modern, futuristic feel that appeals to today’s consumers. It’s expected that this type of logo design will boost in popularity in 2020.

Raw and “imperfect” logos

Modern people strive for simplicity and naturalness. They learn to accept imperfections. And it explains why consumers have positive attitudes toward so-called raw and “imperfect” logos that highlight the brand authenticity the most.

If you want to get your small business noticed, don’t try to make your logo look perfect. Try to replace perfect geometric shapes and elegant fonts with winding lines and simple fonts. It will help you to create a unique, authentic, memorable logo that will grab the attention of your target audience.  

Funky, daring fonts

Funky, quirky, and weird fonts are another logo design trend that will dominate in 2020. So if you want to give your brand the authenticity, choose a font that has a vivid, one-of-a-kind personality. It will allow you to create a logo that will show your customers that your brand is exceptional and make them remember your brand name.


Just keep in mind that a quirky font should also pair well with the fonts that you use on your website. If you don’t know which fonts to choose, feel free to get professional assistance.

You can request a consultation with a UX designer at TheNetmenCorp. Or, you can get help from UX writers and content strategists at websites like TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay.

Shades of grey

Minimalism movement influences not only shapes and fonts used in logo design, but also colors. In recent years, more and more companies choose monochromatic colors to represent their brands.

As for today, grey – is the most trending color. If you haven’t chosen a color for your logo yet, think about using “50 shades of grey”.

3D gradients

Well, colorful logos will not “leave the stage” in 2020, but they will look different. The popular gradient trend will evolve and merge with the 3D trend, and a new type of multi-color logo designs will appear.

“Using gradients, it’s possible to turn any group of shades into a dynamic spectrum of color that radiates life and energy. A 3D gradient is a new powerful tool that designers can use to turn an ordinary design into a sophisticated, memorable one,” says Hilary Benton, a digital design expert at Studicus.

Extraordinary geometry

Unordinary geometric shapes are another important trend in logo design. And it’s expected that the quirky triangle, square, and rectangular elements will dominate in logo designs in 2020.

Original geometry, in combination with a flat, simple font, looks stylish and expensive.  So if you want to follow this trend, you should think about what geometric shapes can be associated with your brand.

Overlapping and multi-layered logos

In order to communicate even more about their brands, designers will try to create more complex designs using highlights, shadows, and overlapping colors. As a result, logo designs created in 2020 will look more sophisticated than designs created in previous years.

If the design of your current logo is flat and semi-flat, it may look outdated. For this reason, you should consider redesigning your logo and adding a few extra layers to create more volume.

Elegant and snappy swooshes

Swooshy logos are getting more and more popular because curved lines and ellipses help to add a sense of movement as well as to represent the interconnection of two or more elements.

If a designer use swooshes in a meaningful way, the result of his work looks impressive. So if you have been thinking about adding curved lines to your logo design, take this trend into account.


Vintage and retro logos

Geoffrey Chaucer once said that “there’s never a new fashion but it’s old.” And it’s so true when it comes to logo design.

Dozens of new trends emerge every year, but designers still keep creating vintage and retro logos and for a good reason. For some businesses, like vintage-style clothing brands and retro pubs, the old-style logo is the best solution.

If you believe that ultra-thin lines, 3D gradient colors, and quirky fonts do not fit your brand, feel free to stick to the classic designs. Vintage and retro logos will not lose their relevance in 2020.

Wrapping up

Now you are aware of current trends, and nothing will hold you back from creating a logo design that looks fresh and catchy. Use this article as a guide to choose a logo style that resonates with your brand the most, and create an ideal design that will enhance your brand identity.

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