Let’s face it: social media makes the world go round. Whether it’s political news or a simple story about someone’s day at work, social media has the power to make the news spread far wider than it could ever be able to reach on its own. With more than three billion people using social media every month, any business should know that it’s not something to let slip out of their hands.

The best thing about social media is that you can always jump in at any time. You don’t need to know any buzzwords or have any amount of followers to hop onto the bandwagon and let the people do their thing.

Customers are always looking for engagement. In fact, with social media, many of them are constantly looking for something new – whether it’s new trends, new ideas, or new brands. This makes social media an excellent place for brands to engage in conversations with their customers, not just as buyers, but as people.

Often, brands don’t have to do much to create engagement. A simple post talking about things that are relevant to their buyers leads to customers conversing amongst themselves on the post itself. Engagement like this not only pushes the brand to the top of search engines but also creates more recall.

Social media also acts as a channel through which customers can reach out to the brand with any problem that they may be facing or even for seeking information. In the past, customers would often look for alternatives if they couldn’t find a solution to a problem. However, nowadays, the barrier has been broken down. It is very easy for anyone to send a message on Facebook or a tweet asking for help.

Another important way social media presence helps brands is just by giving them a place to be social. Many businesses now create a persona for themselves – giving the brand a personality makes it more authentic and relatable as well as easier for customers to identify with. With a social media presence, a brand gets to act the same way a person would: with personality, making jokes, and being a ‘real’ person who is true to themselves.

One of the biggest advantages of social media, however, is that it is a great way for brands to grow. Marketing can be costly, and not all businesses can afford large-scale campaigns. Social media makes reaching customers easier: you get a lot more value for every dollar you put in, and no matter what shape or size your business is, running a Facebook ad campaign costs way less than the returns it brings in.

Of course, social media will require management – you need to know how to interact with your customers and what kind of campaigns to run if you want to be successful. You also want to make sure you don’t go overboard and lose sight of the main goal. Being friendly with your audience is important, but you also want them to convert into customers and make purchases.

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