Having a unique brand voice can get your business an edge among its competitors. A distinctive image in your customer’s minds can encourage engagement and conversation with the company. Ideally, marketing strategies should have a positive impact. One of the most potent ways of making a lasting impression is through visual branding.

The five essential elements of visual branding include logo, consistency, typography, imagery, and color. Here’s is a detailed look at these.



Your logo is the one thing that gets stamped on each of your promotional material, website, and company documents. You know you’ve reached an ideal number of buyers when your logo gets wide recognition. If it gets identified without mentioning your company’s name, your marketing strategy is on point.

The key to making a great logo is to keep it simple and distinctive. Keep in mind that if your logo looks exceptional in color, it should also look equally attractive in black and white since it’d be printed in the latter on certain documents and websites.


A consistent design is key to establishing consumer reliability. Using the same fonts and logos across your website, promotional products, and other marketing material can send a message of consistency to the customers. When they see your dedication to ensuring high quality, they’ll know your brand can be trusted.

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Visual branding uses the art of persuasion to tempt consumers to buy your products. In this process, seemingly minor things like using the same font across all your online platforms hold massive importance.

Fonts convey your brand voice and tone; while some fonts like Garamond’s have a classic appeal, others like New Times Roman are techier and trendier. Choosing a font that conveys your brand attributes and using the same font on every marketing platform can add a unifying element to your marketing strategy.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words; your image choices should effectively convey your marketing tone. If you want your website to look clean and spare, your photographs should be the same, and if you’re going to have a trendier and cozier look, the images and illustrations should convey that. Make sure that the theme across your photos is consistent with providing a visual treat to your customers.

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One of the easiest things to associate with a brand is color. What company comes to your mind when you see red and white? Orange and red? Multi-million corporations like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have used consistent colors and fonts to make a distinctive brand identity. The most impressive part about their marketing strategy is that they don’t even need to mention their name or publish their logo with advertisements for people to recognize.

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