Here are some of the hottest package design trends of 2020.

Are you focusing on package design as much as you should be?

Your product may be the best on the market, but you’ll struggle to hit your sales targets if the packaging isn’t up to the mark. That’s why package graphics and package design are too critical to be ignored or left to become outdated.

Potential customers see and touch the packaging before they get to interact with the product, which makes your packaging the front line of every sale you make. There’s no doubt that smart package design enhances customer experience and significantly adds to a brand’s overall value.

So if you’re looking to create a packaging design that’s attractive and accessible, here are some of 2020’s biggest packaging design trends to draw inspiration from.


‘Less is more’ has been in vogue in many areas of design over the last few years, Whether it’s a dress, a living room, a website, or packaging, a minimalist design enables you to draw attention to the elements that really matter.

If you want to show off the best features of your product, encasing it in visually overwhelming packaging that’s overflowing with colors and designs just isn’t the right way. Minimalist packaging with uncluttered design is the solution: it allows your products to shine.

Neutral and Soft Color Palette

We’ve already talked about the growing popularity of minimalist design, and while “classic minimalism” continues to surge, we have a new kid on the block as well.

Moving away from the standard white and black, a new color palette has emerged to provide a new take on minimalism and a softer look. In 2020, you’ll find that many brands are moving toward simple designs that are characterized by soft shades and neutral colors that add a new twist to minimalism, while maintaining a subtle packaging design.

Although white and black is classic, it’s also ubiquitous. Therefore, brands that used a white and black palette as their signature have had to rely on graphics and fonts to stand out from the white and black pack. Moving to a soft and neutral color palette allows you to differentiate your brand while maintaining the same minimalist identity.

Luxe Packaging

Just as consumers in the Depression era were attracted to glossy MGM musicals and Ziegfeld’s Follies, consumers in 2020 are looking for pretty, shiny things to take their minds off the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, presidential elections, and economic uncertainty.

This year has seen a drastic rise in metallic graphics and letters, elegant, sharp contrasts, holographic foil elements, and luxurious textures, and elegant fonts.

We expect more and more brands to embrace luxe packaging design elements to win the hearts of consumers in the coming months.

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