Most websites look the same these days. They follow the same old structure and have the same old words.

Since 39% of websites use WordPress, it’s no surprise that they’re super generic and similar. Don’t’ get us wrong—some of these websites are impressive. They offer a great user experience or UX, have efficient layouts. But, like we said before, they all look the same.

Though there may be numerous benefits of fitting into the mold, we doubt you’d want to do that. To have an original website with an awesome UX and UI is the goal, right? It’ll help put your business out there and give you an edge over your competition.

Here’s how to develop a truly unique website in 2021.

Experimental Media

One thing that isn’t too common is experimenting with different forms of media. If you want your audience to engage with your posts and your content, then we recommend trying this out. It’ll allow you to establish what forms of media are producing the most engagement and traffic on your website and help your digital marketing strategy in the long run!

With video animation, not only will you increase your revenue, but you’ll also be able to find an engaging and unique outlet to advertise your products! Infographics and creative illustrations are another fun and charming way to increase engagement with your content.

Retro Fonts

Old things become cool, and then they become old again. Think: mom jeans, Y2K.

However, retro fonts are truly unique and original. Instead of using the same old trusty fonts that we’re all tired of using, why not try out throwback typography? Use traditional fonts, and put a modern spin on them. Retro-futurism breathes new life into older fonts, making them a fun and different experience for your audience.

Image Filename: computer-office-web-design-work

Image Alt-text: A website open on a computer in an office

A website open on a computer in an office

Color It Out

With so much new information on color psychology, we know how people react to different colors. If you don’t want to follow a color scheme that’s set in stone, then don’t! In fact, it’ll help you stand out even more if you use unconventional colors and schemes for your website.

However, a word of advice: don’t go overboard. Attempt to create a harmonious web design that goes well with your brand’s identity and personality. Use distinct color designs to help you stand out from competing brands.

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