With so many changes already happening in the world in 2020, not many brands were brave enough to take significant design risks. But with the start of a new year, brands are ready to take on new ideas.

Every year, we see many predictions for graphic design trends to come, and this year is no different. Industry experts have shared the styles, typefaces, and colors they think will be popular in the next few months.

More and more brands are favoring muted color tones, simple fonts, and clear images this year to evoke a sense of calm and clarity in an uncertain world.

Here are some more graphic design trends for this year:

Nature-Inspired Designs:

What better than nature to invoke a sense of calm and positivity? In contrast to last year’s futuristic designs, this year, we’ll see brands take on a more grounded persona using nature and botanically inspired themes.

Expect to see the trend pop up on packaging design, websites, and motion graphics to appeal to and engage with a variety of different clients.

Earthy colors in design

Muted Color Palettes:

Apart from the reassuring botanical color tones, expect to see a lot of earthy, muted colors too. This year, people are seeking an escape from the digital world and want to reduce their exposure to stressful stories.

Graphic designers can include the trend in packaging design, advertising, and various other marketing materials to create a feeling of calm, reassurance, and strike inspiration.

Earthy color palettes are also en vogue across different industries, so using them right now just makes sense.

Uplifting Colors:

Bright colors may seem like a contrast to what we said above, but using the right tones can help create a cheerful, optimistic look for your marketing materials. Expect to see vivid colors appear in advertising, publishing, social media campaigns, and packaging design.

Research shows that bright, mood-boosting colors positively affect and help create uplifting feelings for the viewers.

Geometric patterns with mood-boosting colors

Geometric Elements:

Using fun, geometric elements can add a bit of playfulness to your designs while creating nostalgia for the 80s. Using simple geometric designs can help make simple designs much more fun.

We spotted the trend on packaging designs, merchandise, and motion graphics in the past year and expect it to continue this year. Using circles, squares, and triangles in a strategic way gives your designs a structured look without making them look too mature.

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