You know what a great way to ruin your brand is? A bad logo.

And the best way to create a good logo design? Don’t create a bad one. It’s that simple.

When designing logos, it’s more about what you shouldn’t do rather than what you should do. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a list of helpful advice to guide you on how to avoid sabotaging your brand by creating a bad logo!

Extreme Detailing

If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll probably gravitate towards logos that have loads of intricate details. Sure, they look great on large billboards and murals—but they look absolutely horrible on your website. Be it merch, your phone, pens, and business cards, detailed logos aren’t scalable. This means that they look hideous on smaller screens since smaller screens can make them come across as indecipherable.

But, if you’ve had your heart set on a detailed logo for a long time, you don’t have to give it up. You can have variant logos for smaller sizes—so they’ll be different logos for larger spaces and smaller spaces

Color palette


If you want to include imagery in your logo, make sure it’s relevant. It needs to accurately portray what your brand stands for and what it does. Although imagery will help your logo stand out more, there’s no point if you can’t get the imagery to represent the essence of your brand, and it’ll just end up confusing the consumer. Try to get creative and use iconic imagery that’ll show what your company does or its name.


When designing a logo, the main theme to keep in mind is clarity. Even if your logo is perfect in terms of design, there’s no point if the imagery is confusing. To prevent your logo from becoming confusing to the viewer, go for familiar icons and identifiable images with text descriptions. It’ll keep the questions and confusions at bay and establish your brand’s identity and reputation. Designing a clear and simple logo is always the best way to go— just look at iconic chains and brands such as McDonald’s, Apple, Target, and more.

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