As a designer, it can be challenging to create something unique every single day.

At times, our mind is full of new ideas, but other times, it can take hours or days to come up with the best design. But the truth is, this is how the creative process works. It’s important to have a few reliable sources to turn to for visual inspiration on your off days.

Check out our picks of some of the best blogs to follow for those days when you’re facing a creative dry spell:


Behance is full of inspiration for the creatively challenged. It’s an online gallery containing thousands of design projects and pictures. The gallery is catered to designers, who regularly visit it to gain inspiration for their on-going projects.

Moreover, anyone can join to post their artwork, and the search bar makes it easy to find a specific design using keywords

online gallery of pictures


Dribbble is another online community for designers to find inspiration and share their works with others. The website came into existence long before Instagram and is a design industry staple today.

Dribbble’s design blog is full of advice for designers looking to boost their careers and get out of a creative slump.

Dribbble works on an invite-only membership system, and members only get a few invites to pass onto other designers. This helps ensure the quality of work and the people present. was created by Martin Joubert, a Parisian art director, and contains an assortment of inspirational images taken from editorial print design.

The design gallery boasts a wide variety of works taken from artsy books and magazines.

UX Collective:

The Medium-based blog UX Collective boasts over 400K followers and is a treat for any designer looking for carefully curated content.

The blog publishes articles written by designers working on projects having to do with user experience. You’ll find everything from design advice, empathy mapping, design principles, and more here.

Inspirational websites can help designers get inspiration


Abduzeedo is a design blog with an extensive collection of articles about UX, architecture, design, and photography. Created by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer, in 2006, the blog emphasizes 3D work as well as other design styles.

They also include tutorials, case studies, and other inspiring pieces. Moreover, the website has a tab called “daily inspiration,” so you can directly go there to immerse yourself in gorgeous designs.

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