The packaging of a product bears the message of the brand. It is an extension of the brand itself and can be used to create recall for its identity.

According to research, around 94% of American customers said they might trust a brand more depending on its innovation in products and packaging.

Unique packaging that delivers the brand message clearly can help create brand loyalty and increases consumers’ trust in their purchase decisions.

While retaining existing customers is vital for companies, they should also change their packaging to compete with new entrants, communicate product changes or improvements, and appeal to current trends.

Keep Up With Industry Trends:

The food industry has undergone a complete overhaul in the past decade, with new products catering to those who want their food to be gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, and applicable to diets like paleo and keto.

The health and beauty industry has evolved to shift toward emphasizing smooth skin, full eyebrows, plump lips, and more. Influencers in all kinds of industries will recommend new products based on how well they perform and how well they are packaged.

Moreover, Gen Z-ers prefer eco-friendly packaging alternatives to traditional plastic packaging and choose to pay more for this kind of packaging.

Packaging should encourage customers to pick a product up

Improve Sales:

Your product’s packaging tells consumers a lot about its quality and performance. The product’s packaging alone should entice customers to pick it up from a shelf loaded with uniform-looking items.

Innovative packaging allows customers to be excited to buy a product and go home and unbox it as if it’s a present. Packaging appeal lies in everything from how the product is presented, its color, shape, size, and package.

Other design factors like the logo, graphic design, prints, shapes, and textures also play an essential role in stimulating the five senses for consumers to get them to purchase.

Starbucks coffee cup with logo

Create Product And Brand Recognition:

Companies may spend years creating a brand identity with an easily recognizable logo, design, and color scheme, but the wrong packaging decision can put all their efforts to waste.

When changing the packaging design of an existing product, it is essential to make minor changes that address customer needs and concerns and communicate that change with bold messages.

Using phrases like “New Look,” “New Easy-Open Packaging,” “Eco-Friendly Packaging” can entice customers to pick up an old product they stopped using because it has now improved.

It can also call different segments to purchase the product. For example, sustainable packaging may appeal to those worried about the environment.

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