What is product packaging? It refers to the exterior design of the product that should be visually and sensually attractive to capture the customer’s attention. It plays a crucial role in increasing sales and reinforcing brand awareness.

So, how can you design the perfect packaging? It isn’t simple but paying attention to little details can help you achieve it.

Here we’ve compiled five steps to design the perfect packaging.

Step 1: Know the Product and Its Specifications

The first step to designing the perfect packaging is to answer a simple question: What is your product?

Answering this question helps you determine the important aspects of packaging. For instance, if the product is delicate and fragile, it will require protective packaging. On the other hand, if your product is oddly shaped, customized packaging would serve your needs the best.

All in all, jot these crucial aspects of the product first when you start designing its packaging.

Step 2: Who Will Buy the Product and Where?

A product’s packaging should be appealing to its customers. Therefore, the next important step is to determine your target market, whether they’re male, female, children, adults, or environmentally conscious buyers.

Next, determine the area of your product’s market. Be it’s a supermarket, an online store, or a boutique, different marketplaces have different packaging requirements. If it’s a supermarket, the product packaging should fit rightly on the shelves. If you’re selling the product online, the product packaging needs to be extra attractive and catchy.

Two brown colored glass bottles

Step 3: Understand the Packaging Layer Types

A product’s packaging consists of three layers: outer, inner, and the product itself.

The product’s outer packaging protects it from external elements, so it involves designing the outer box or shipping bag. Inner packaging involves keeping the product safe in the outer box. It prevents the product from getting scuffed or jostled.

Now comes the product packaging. It’s the product’s immediate packaging, which can either include a box, a wrapper, and a tag.

Step 4: Choose the Right Packaging Type

There are many types of product packaging. Here are some tips to help you select the right type.

  • Consider the product nature, whether it’s a skincare brand or an edible product;
  • Take a look across top packaging in your industry, including that of your competitor; and
  • Never forget your budget and the social class of your target audience.

Step 5: Evaluate the Packaging Design

By now, you should have designed your product packaging. Now is the time to evaluate the design, keeping in mind the following points:

  • Your packaging should be clear about the product it contains and the brand message.
  • Make sure it doesn’t resemble your competitor’s packaging.
  • Don’t add or feature any misleading pictures or information on the product packaging.
  • Is the packaging flexible across all marketing or advertising media?
  • Finally, collect feedback from all other stakeholders of the product.

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