From creating designs on your coffee mugs to designing your favorite magazine’s cover page and newsletter layout, everything you interact with daily is created by a graphic designer.

The creativity, the technical aspects, and the strategic plan all come under the job responsibility of a graphic designer. So whether you own a clothing brand or a food outlet, understanding the types of graphic design will help you find the right ‘skilled’ person for the job.

Let’s read the graphic design types.

1. Branding/Visual Identity

Every brand has a unique story to tell. Once you complete the story crafting, you move on to its communication to the audience via different colors, shapes, and images. This is known as a brand’s visual identity, and that’s where graphic designers come into play.

This type of graphic design specializes in logo generation, color combination, and shapes formation to represent a brand personality. Branding graphic designers have complete knowledge of using the right set of color combinations and themes to keep the brand message holistic across all the forums.

2. Advertising and Marketing Graphic Design

Once you’ve created a distinct visual identity of your brand, the next step is to market the brand to customers. Successful marketing strategies revolve around solving people’s needs, wants, and satisfaction levels. Since people find visual content more appealing, graphic designers help companies promote their brands successfully.

This type of graphic design deals with visually attractive online marketing campaigns, magazine ads, or posters/banners/billboards.

Images displayed on an Apple desktop

3. User Interface/Digital Design

This graphic design typically refers to designing the user interface of an app or mobile device. It’s essential to allow users to interact with an easy-to-use and friendly interface. That’s why user interface graphic design is getting increasingly popular.

The digital design/user interface graphic design involves designing on-screen elements, including menus, buttons, and other screen interactions. Balancing technical functionality with aesthetics is the responsibility of the graphic designer.

Examples include game interfaces, app design, web page design, and theme design.

4. Publication Graphic Design

Traditionally known as the print medium, publications are pieces of information that are distributed to the public. The graphic design dealing with the design of books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs comes under the publication graphic design category.

Recently, there’s been an increase in digital publishing. Graphic designers work in collaboration with publishers and editors to create layouts aligned with suitable topography and illustrations.

5. Packaging Graphic Design

Almost all companies require some sort of packaging for storing, distributing, and selling their products. Packaging plays a vital role in capturing customer’s attention and communicating the brand’s message. Be it’s a bottle, box, or bag, a top-notch conceptual package design is imperative in a brand’s success.

Graphic designers, while designing a product’s packaging, keep in view the industrial and manufacturing needs in addition to visual identity, photography, and illustrations.

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