Whether it’s corporate flyer design, brochures and catalog design, website design and development, or newsletter design, typeface plays a major role in effectively communicating the message. Like every year, the typeface designers at Monotype have released the Type Trends report of 2021, and the creative decisions and insights look promising. The report highlights the best applications of type design from 2020 and forecasts how graphic designers will use the typefaces to communicate dynamic and fresh ideas. Here are the top trend forecasts.

Trend # 1: Human Element

Brands are slowly entering the world of virtual and augmented reality. However, for the longest time, they considered the digital and physical spaces as separate realms. The pandemic has blurred these lines as we’ve started to exist in a complex matrix of screens.

Monotype expects brands to leave types like Gotham and Avenir in the past and move towards typefaces with the human element of manipulations and slight imperfections, adding soul and personality through type.

Trend # 2: Personality

While some graphic and typeface designers incorporate human elements in typography, others take the liberty to blow up the types without any bounds by using angles, shapes, and elements to express the brand’s personality. Instead of making subtle type choices, brands are amping up their typefaces to exude strength and confidence.

Trend # 3: Quirky, Emotive Typography

Brands are choosing to use quirky and fun ways to incorporate expression and empathy in their design. For instance, the recent redesign of Burger King’s logo, with organic shapes, fat curves, and fluid forms, communicates the element of humanness and heartiness from the brand.

Emotive and quirky typography

Trend # 4: Nostalgia (R-Wars)

While nostalgia isn’t a trend in isolation, many brands have been inspired by the visual giants of the 80s and 90s, making them look vintage-cool in 2021. Monotype has identified many brands fighting the R-war. Typeface designers use the R’s leg and stretch it to extend and add drama, exactly what Suzy Rice did in the Star Wars logo. Examples of this include the wellness brand called Ripe and meal company called Hello Fresh.

Follow These Trends for a Strong Brand Voice

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