Think back to your time at school. When attending a game, what was the most attention-grabbing thing that you’d see? A mascot or, more precisely, the entry or shenanigans of the mascot, of course!

A mascot is supposed to be a spokesperson for the company. And so, one may ask, why can’t we just use a normal person as the spokesperson? The answer lies in the energetic presence and the eye-catching charm of a mascot. A human in business attire just can’t manifest the same effect.

Here’s how a mascot can take your business to new heights.

Best Engagement Tools

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people love interacting with mascots. They are a great way to engage with your consumers and get to know what they think about your product and brand.

Even though mascots are so in-your-face kind of a marketing tool, people don’t see them that way somehow. Therefore, they help you establish your brand’s presence in both the online and physical sphere by building connections with your consumers and audiences.

Give Passion to Your Company’s Spirit

You could go on and on about your company’s values and vision in your brochures and elsewhere, but it would have a completely different effect when coming from a mascot. Humans are visual creatures, and a mascot can very effectively cater to their visual cravings.

They’re simply a more accessible way to get your message across without sounding too severe, yet they encourage empathy, interest, and emotions.

Custom mascots are especially useful to exhibit your company’s true spirit as they can be designed to appeal to your company’s targeted audience.

A Very Cost-Effective Way to Market

Almost all other marketing tools that you use will require you to upgrade or reinvent them from time to time. But a well-designed mascot can go a long when it comes to marketing. It can pretty much be incorporated in every marketing attempt. For instance, you can use it in your literature, as well as in your live corporate events, and so on.

They can be your own customized ambassador. You just have to get one great mascot designed, which you can use for the rest of your business’s lifespan. Compare that cost to the cost of hiring celebrities as ambassadors. Exactly—that is way more expensive.

So now that we’ve established how crucial it is for your business to have a mascot, it’s time to start designing one.

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